Advanced Managed Services

Access experienced professionals to architect, optimize and elevate operational governance for Hybrid IT environments.

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Deep Technical Support of Lumen Services
Beyond Managed Services Anywhere

Lumen Advanced Managed Services (AMS) provides highly experienced and credentialed professionals to offer deep technical support of Lumen services beyond Managed Services Anywhere.

AMS offers flexibility and control with the ability to tailor individual subscription needs with term options that match your immediate, ongoing and evolving requirements. AMS applies a cloud-inspired method of overlaying agile professional services on top of our management of hybrid IT workloads. Our senior-level team of experts is equipped with platform automation tools and employs best-practices to optimize architecture and elevate operational governance.

Factors such as the size or complexity of an environment, budget and delivery objectives can all impact project scope. That’s why we designed AMS to be completely customizable to meet each Client’s unique requirements. With Advanced Managed Services, you have the ability to coordinate multiple resources using a Program Manager and/or a Technical Account Manager who are aligned to your business goals. Advanced Managed Services is also a proactive service that can assess your current state, advise on potential gaps, and make recommendations for remediation.

Experienced professionals to architect, optimize and elevate operational governance for Hybrid IT

Request a consultation with your Lumen representative to assist in determining the best match of resource allocation and subscription level to deliver the most successful experience.


Lumen Advanced Managed Services Collaborate

Individual + Collective Knowledge

When you subscribe to Lumen Advanced Managed Services, you’re gaining more than the expertise of any single individual expert. With AMS, you benefit from the experience, knowledge, skills and capabilities of the collective Lumen Services Organization. Our specialists maintain a range of relevant IT industry certifications, and are constantly collaborating and consulting within the organization to deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities. This collaborative mindset, along with our corporate commitment to support continuous improvement allows us to stay at the leading edge of industry best practices and learnings.

  • Specialized skills to effectively manage today’s multi-cloud environments, including Reserve Instance Management for certain Cloud providers’ environments
  • Responsive management services for servers, network, and software
  • Security experts to advise/apply security best practices
AMS Teams offer Governance and Ops Expertise

Governance and Operational Expertise

Our practice is governed by a proven managed-services framework, with processes and procedures that have been established for achieving customer collaboration, successful outcomes and continuous improvement. You’ll also benefit from the collective operational insights from seasoned operators supporting and managing mission-critical, enterprise-level applications and complex hybrid infrastructures for clients in virtually every industry. We have long-standing relationships with customers in such diverse focuses as Financial Markets, Retail, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Packaged Goods, just to name a few.

  • In-depth understanding of customer environment
  • Coordination across all services for efficient utilization of resources
  • Tailored dashboard and reporting for greater visibility
Lumen Managed Services Teams Offer Insight and Perspective

Insight, Perspective and Collaboration

Benefit from our proven experience building, managing and operating an industry-leading suite of cloud services, including public, private and hybrid cloud. Leverage core insights from Architects and Engineers building the next generation of networking technologies, products, tools and services “at Scale.” Gain technology perspective from analysts working with the biggest commercial vendors, providers and contributors in the IT community. Our evolving partnerships with market leaders in hardware, software, security, storage and networking technologies allow us to bring the benefit of deep technical insights to you.

  • Design and management of vulnerability assessments
  • Identify and define future capacity requirements
  • Recommendations concerning new threats and security trends


Optional Add-on Services

Pre-packaged sets of advisory activities designed to work in conjunction with a variety of Lumen products and services.

Experts at the Ready

  • Lifecycle, governance and program management from a Program Manager.
  • Technical governance and operational support from a Technical Account Manager (TAM).
  • Proactive technical consultation and system design from Client Technology Architects (CTA).
  • Technical support and configuration by Technical Service Engineers (TSEs) from a wide range of disciplines.
  • Security consultation and governance support by a Security Account Manager (SAM).
  • Flexible Resource: Reallocate monthly subscription hours depending on your changing needs.

Efficient Systems

  • 24/7 advanced service desk (Adaptive Desk) providing a higher level of knowledge to first-line support activities and problem resolution.
  • Simplified workflow initiated via online request.
  • Deep insights through ongoing metric and KPI trend analysis, or review a point-in-time spot-check of your systems.

Broad Applications

Can be used with a wide variety of Lumen products and services:

Roles & Responsibilities

Program Manager

  • Advises client on risks associated with aging infrastructure
  • Leads detailed working sessions with client and Lumen account team to define new IT initiatives
  • Assists in the administration, tracking and reporting of software available per underlying services ordered (such as Lumen Private Cloud and CLC)
  • Provides tailored dashboard reporting

Technical Account Manager

  • Provides reports on SLA adherence
  • Documents escalation path and serves as an escalation point 24/7
  • Leads change management documentation and scheduling
  • Oversees code patches and software version updates
  • Oversees break/fix replacements
  • Reports on resource utilization for the client

Client Technology Architect

  • Assesses application and infrastructure designs for CAM management
  • Maps client’s business and architectural needs to identify gaps, if present
  • Designs infrastructure and network topology

Security Account Manager

  • Provides security consulting, advisory, and operational services across a variety of Lumen-provided security solutions and technologies

Technical Service Engineer

  • Provides hands-on support for technical area selected
  • Executes non-standard change requests (e.g., policy changes, app configuration, etc.)
  • Tests pre- and post-deployment patches in target client IT environments

Flexible Resource

  • Enables clients to access a variety of supported roles without modifying the service terms
  • Utilize monthly subscription hours for architecture, engineering, or security roles
  • Make requests for supported roles with a fast and efficient online work request form

Note: Not all Roles are available in all locations. Contact your Lumen representative for more information.

Use Cases

Expert support where and when you need it
Businesses on the Fast Track

Organizations experiencing rapid growth can often struggle to keep up with IT staffing needs, particularly hiring for mission-critical technical specialties and certifications. AMS provides a cost-effective and flexible option for growing businesses to consider. Whether you need to tackle Big Data concerns, Security and Threat Management, hands-on deployment activities or strategic IT initiatives, Lumen AMS can help you resolve staffing challenges by providing access to a highly-skilled on-demand workforce.

Expert support where and when you need it
Enterprise IT Demands Specialized Expertise

Most enterprises – and rightly so – focus IT staffing on supporting their primary business initiatives: the work that creates a competitive differentiation in the marketplace and drives revenue. But there are numerous IT specialties that support the back office operations that every modern business increasingly relies on. From database administration to data analytics, and from threat mitigation to disaster recovery planning, our AMS teams offer specialized expertise and deep certifications in all the latest technologies.


Advanced Managed Services is designed to offer broad scope and flexibility to meet the widest possible range of Client needs. Pricing is based on a number of factors. Some Optional Services are priced as one-time-deliverables; some on a subscription basis. Other packages are structured as a committed number of hours for specific skills and functions, such as Data Base Administration (DBA) or Technical Account Management (TAM).

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