AppFog Use Cases

AppFog delivers cost savings by enabling shared app resources.

Cost Savings

Frequently, implementing a Platform-as-a-Service Solution (PaaS), like AppFog leads to more efficient sharing of application resources during an organization's design, development, testing, and even production phases. As a result, the PaaS business model leads to significant organizational infrastructure and labor savings.

Infrastructure Costs

Instead of having project teams standing up infrastructure to address their centric needs in siloed technology stacks, PaaS facilitates an organization's ability to consolidate resources (for example, servers) and eliminates redundant workload across teams. Additionally, an organization's use of PaaS leads to fewer application-dependent elements (e.g., databases, servers, storage, or network components), which means reduced hardware capital expenditures. When an organization is able to reduce the number of elements in its infrastructure they experience a corresponding reduction in operating costs. And shifting from capex to opex offers its own inherent benefits to any enterprise, large or small. Further, the organization becomes more efficient in managing its consolidated environment as well, rather than finding itself acquiescing to the needs of non-integrated project teams and the demands that their siloed stacks place on overall development and production efforts.

Labor Costs

With PaaS solutions like AppFog, organizations experience a large cost reduction in the development, deployment, and hosting of business applications. This is the case as with "rented platform," you only pay for usage—nothing else.

With AppFog, the development platform is provided, hosted, and managed by CenturyLink Cloud, not by your organizational resources. This also removes the need to hire high-dollar talent to manage the infrastructure resources (compute, databases, storage, security, etc.). AppFog manages all hardware, software patching, updates, the physical and software security, and any day-to-day routine operational tasks.

Focus on Revenue Generating Activities

By eliminating the need to have so much of your team's time allocated to infrastructure management and maintenance, everyone can focus their attention and talent on opportunities for profit and productivity. This means your application developers can put their energy into propelling the proverbial ship forward, instead of patching the hull and mending the sails.

Not only are there fewer activities to manage, but fewer distractions too. This frees up your teams to focus on their core competencies: developing and releasing cloud applications and delivering new IT solutions that drive revenue. By implementing a PaaS solution, imagine the number of incremental hours your organization will be able to recoup and redirect into focused development efforts. An app developer is happiest delivering beautiful applications, and AppFog is the easiest way to help them do just that.

AppFog Enables IT Innovation and Facilitates Entrepreneurship

Internal Innovation and Entrepreneurship

An important use case when considering a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like AppFog has to do with the culture you want to facilitate inside of your organization's development teams. PaaS promotes innovation and enables the visionaries on your teams to achieve new goals.

Traditionally, standing up a new platform for  experimentation is a costly and time consuming endeavor that entails some, if not all of the following:

  • Acquire new Hardware.
  • Acquire new Software licenses.
  • Server Setup  (That is, once you find the time in your Sys Admin's schedule, which is already booked for the next month. Expected Delay: 2 weeks.)
  • Runtime Environment Setup  (Error: The Runtime Version isn't compatible with the Version of the Operating System. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Expected Delay: 2 days.)
  • Database Setup  (Oops. That put you over your server's memory limit. Expected Delay: 3 weeks.)

You know how the story goes (and ends). Your well-intended goal of encouraging and fostering innovation just encountered a road block that has instead stifled it. With AppFog, the well-entrenched and frustrating hardware procurement process goes away. You're able to arm your best and brightest app developers immediately with a PaaS tool that handles the infrastructure and runtime orchestration for them. The result is that they can focus on writing code, which is exactly what they are really good at doing.

By removing an old-school burden from the shoulders of your app developers, your team is able to focus on developing new ideas that solve the real problems your organization is facing. The result is collaboration and execution.  Every IT leader's dream!

Gone are the days of having to "play tag" with the Infrastructure and Ops folks. Developers now have more time to create and innovate. Most importantly, they are empowered to break free of old processes, institutions, and wait times. That's when ideas turn into concepts and concepts turn into projects and projects solve problems that deliver business differentiation and competitive advantage. That's also the environment you want to cultivate.

AppFog PaaS Delivers Improved Speed to Market

Speed to Market

The web, highly available open source code, and tools like GitHub are accelerating the pace of innovation and evolving application feature functionality quicker than ever. Whether your organization becomes a target of acquisition or is in the position of receiving its next round of venture capital can depend heavily on delivering features to the market faster than the latest startup following in your footsteps. To stay ahead you need to transform your ideas into application features quickly and evolve your application to take advantage of market opportunities that may be around only for a very short period of time. You need to build, deploy, and iterate in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years. At CenturyLink, we get it. We're developers too. That's why we created AppFog, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows you to standup your apps easily, create new features, and deploy them to market quickly.

As a hosting PaaS layer, AppFog manages network resources, middleware, operating systems, virtualization, servers, storage and runtime. All you need to focus on is your app's code. Building out your own hardware platform to run your application is time-consuming, costly, and complex. Let's be honest: if you're going to add staff, you want to bring on more developers to speed your time to market, not to manage underlying infrastructure and storage.

Using AppFog as your PaaS option not only simplifies and automates the process of taking a concept to market, it eliminates the steps associated with setting up the foundation for your application. This type of rich functionality gives you a competitive edge through quick application deployment so that you can focus on iterating new features and adoption.

Additionally, a PaaS streamlines the management of your applications as well. AppFog by CenturyLink Cloud allows you to manage all of your applications from a single, user friendly Control Portal.

AppFog Allows You to Benefit from the Best Technology

Benefit from the Best Technology

Frequently, the stack you would build yourself will be hard-pressed to match the quality of what a PaaS provider, like AppFog, can offer.

PaaS is what we do; it is the AppFog Product Team's sole focus and passion. We recruit some of the country's best talent to support the platform. We hire only the top specialists who spend their days tuning, optimizing, load-balancing, configuring and monitoring the platform. This results in a highly optimized platform that produces increased uptime, throughput, and faster page load times. Other than the obvious, what could this mean for your business? For eCommerce or content solutions, this can lead to reduction in shopping cart abandonment or bounce rates and improved performance. All of these elements have a positive impact on application visibility and business performance.

AppFog provides the best possible technology stack as of the moment you type af push. Along with tuning, optimizing, load-balancing, configuring and monitoring, our staff keeps our IT infrastructure constantly up-to-date by applying the latest security patches. We also provide the integration framework, so you don't have to, through our dedication to continuously adding the most sought-after technology partners.

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