Fault Tolerance & Highly Available Services

The Lumen Cloud is built from the ground up to enable services deployed in any of our data centers to be fault tolerant and highly available. Every aspect of the infrastructure is built with local failure in mind. This overview highlights key pieces of the infrastructure and design around fault tolerance.

Hardened Firewall Clusters

Within Lumen Cloud Platform there are multiple firewall clusters. Different clusters perform different security tasks. These clusters allow for highly available services that can survive hardware and software failures within the cluster. Firewalls are based on hardware or software clustered solutions

Firewall Security Cluster Reference Architecture diagram
Uninterruptible Switch Traffic Flow

Each traffic type, regardless of destination or origin, always traverses a clustered switch solution. Switch, port, optic, and cables failures do not interrupt the flow of traffic.

Switching Infrastructure Reference Architecture diagram
Performance Optimization

Lumen Cloud utilizes industry best Hypervisor technology that allow for automatic restart of running cloud servers when host servers experience hardware/software failures. Resource utilization is managed primarily by the Hypervisor, ensuring that cloud servers perform at the highest performance levels possible.

Hypervisor Host Architecture diagram
Clustered SAN Storage

Lumen Cloud servers utilize clustered Storage Area Network technologies for cloud server data storage needs. A clustered SAN provides a highly available data platform that can survive hardware and software failures within the cluster. Clustered SANs allow for online storage system updates and expansions without impact to data availability.

Clusterd SAN Reference Architecture diagram

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