Hyperscale Best Practices

New breeds of demanding enterprise applications require the highest level of performance available. Applications such as MySQL, Cassandra, and Hadoop, can take advantage of the fastest CPU, RAM, and storage systems. CenturyLink Cloud Hyperscale servers are comprised of 100% flash storage enabling at least 15,000 IOPS available for applications. In the system overview below some important caveats and design considerations are detailed.

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Hyperscale Reference Architecture diagram

Best Practices

Deploy Programmatically

The desired approach for Hyperscale is to deploy programmatically, and use other application features to protect data and configuration where necessary. Hyperscale servers do not include automatic backup functions found in typical CenturyLink Cloud Servers. Instead, they are designed for distributed applications that utilize other methods to backup systems and data.

Build for High Availability

Anti-Affinity policies make it possible to build and balance additional workloads on separate physical hosts. As Hyperscale utilizes local flash storage, if a physical host experiences any type of failure, the running Hyperscale workload will not be available.

Scale As Needed

Autoscale policies allow an administrator to pre-configure automatic expansion to ensure peak performance during high usage. Hyperscale servers support Horizontal Autoscale (additional servers or scaling in/out) and Vertical Autoscale (additional CPU/RAM or scaling up/down). In addition, many modern operating systems allow hot-add for CPU/RAM.

Automate All The Things

Advanced management features such as scheduled tasks and monitoring and alerting, are available for Hyperscale servers as well. These powerful cloud management capabilities give administrators the ability to streamline multiple aspects of a server.

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