Object Storage

Object Storage is a cloud-based service that can be used for storing any type of data. Objects are not organized in a hierarchy like in a traditional file system. Each object is assigned a unique identifier that allows a server, user, or process to return the data without knowing the physical location of the data. Data types that can be stored are nearly limitless includes documents, music, movies and even complete server backups. Lumen Cloud object storage implementation allows your data to be stored in a secure, highly available and cost effective manner.

Storing and Retrieving Data

The Amazon S3 service is a standard-based protocol method for storing and retrieving data to and from object storage. Lumen Cloud supports a wide feature set of this protocol, enabling countless third-party tools to store and access your data using a vast array of methods. Popular third party tools include: Cloudberry, CommVault, S3cmd, Cyberduck, and Transmit.

Highly Redundant in Multiple Locations

We use industry-standard, highly-redundant storage methods to ensure your data is safe. Your data is also replicated to an additional data center ​in the same region where it is stored using the same redundant methods. This combination of redundancy and replication better protects your data from accidental loss.

Multiple copies in multiple locations

Offsite Backup Storage

Object Storage is best used in cases where vast amounts of data need to be stored for infrequent future use, such as offsite backup storage. Users or system administrators can configure automatic system backups and use widely-available standard-based software to transmit these backups offsite to the Lumen Cloud Object Storage platform. This offsite storage of backups provide an additional layer of data availability and cost savings when compared to traditional offsite backup tape storage.

Offsite Backup Storage

Static File Serving

Static file serving is another excellent use case for the Lumen Cloud Object Storage platform. The size of each file can vary widely, and file sizes of up to five terabytes are supported. Files can be published to the repository and users can browse and download content simultaneously. The main advantage of serving files in this manner is that storage costs are extremely low. All Lumen Cloud data centers are connected to the Internet with high speed, low latency links that allow users fast access to countless file types.

Static File Sharing

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