Selects CenturyLink Cloud for Continuous Innovation and Growth

July 3, 2012

_CenturyLink Cloud Enterprise platform provides the security, stability, efficiency _ and flexibility needed to support ChemPoint’s continuous application development BELLEVUE, Wash., June 23, 2011—, the leading e-distributor of specialty and fine chemicals in Europe and North America, has selected enterprise cloud platform company CenturyLink Cloud as its IT infrastructure services partner. ChemPoint conducted an evaluation of multiple offerings before choosing CenturyLink Cloud for its innovation and growth potential. According to ChemPoint, CenturyLink Cloud’s platform provides the security, stability, efficiency and flexibility needed to support the company’s continuous application development and business growth. “While our innovative applications platform has continued to evolve and provide a strong leadership position within our industry, our underlying infrastructure hasn’t kept pace over the past few years,” said Jeff Trimble, vice president of operations and technology at ChemPoint. “The move to CenturyLink Cloud expands our infrastructure capabilities and creates tremendous flexibility. This allows us to focus our technology resources on the differentiating elements that drive our business.” Jared Wray, chief technology officer of CenturyLink Cloud, noted, “Companies moving their applications online need to feel completely confident that their information is secure and quickly accessible at all times. We built our enterprise cloud platform with...

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10 Considerations For Cloud SaaS

July 3, 2012
By CenturyLink Cloud Product Management

Note: Added in the text of the original 2011 article published at TechRepublic.

Beyond the business challenges of serving customers in new ways online, independent software vendors (ISVs) planning to take their applications online must make critical architectural and platform choices to ensure they deliver the best customer experience possible. Consider these 10 things before you make the move.

1: How much do you really need to rebuild?

Must you rewrite your application to achieve a multi-tenancy application layer — a costly undertaking — or are there easier and less expensive ways to achieve multi-tenancy in the cloud?

2: What kind of uptime and disaster recovery do your end customers need?

Many cloud environments are built for economy and scale but as we’ve seen recently, they lack the fault tolerance and redundancy to enable you to pass an enterprise level SLA to your customers. Make sure that your cloud platform is built for the enterprise — five 9s availability SLAs should cover not only servers but also network and storage (all the layers to power the full environment). In addition, when outages happen, ensure that the mean time to recovery track record is strong. How fast the cloud can recover is key.

3: How can you...

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