32 GB of ram servers from the control system and multiple IP addresses!


We released build 690 today of our platform and other than the usual bug fixes and tweaks we added two new features:

32 GB servers from the Control Portal and API

Now you can add up to 32 GB of RAM to any server when ever you want with no long term commit as it is just hourly. Scale it up or down when needed!

To do this via the control system simply go to the server you are wanting to change and click the edit server button. Once there it is just a reboot away (about 1 minute of downtime) and you now have the ram needed from 1 GB to 32 GB within minutes.

Multiple IP addresses to a single server

With our new multiple IP address feature you can add the IP addresses that you need for a specific server all via the control system. To add an IP address go to Networks > IP Addresses > Add External Address. From there you can add an external IP address to your server or have it assign a new address for you. Once you have added an external address or multiples at anytime that you want to update the firewall ports that have been enabled you can easily do that by going to the “IP Address” section under “Networks” and scroll to the bottom of your IP addresses. From there you can click on the row with the ip address you want to edit and then change the firewall ports. Our standard firewall ports are: PING, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP 8080 If you would like anything else please email us and they can help you. Once the external IP address is added all the traffic will be calculated to your account until you release it.