When CenturyLink acquired Tier 3 in November, our newly integrated cloud team promised customers big things – faster innovation and access to more capabilities, to name a few.  The team has delivered in the first 140 days an expanded footprint. Our Cloud SVP Andrew Higginbotham shares the results here by the numbers.

Another benefit?  Scale.  That leads to lower costs, which CenturyLink can pass along to customers.  Today, we’re pleased to announce a major price reduction for CenturyLink Public Cloud services. 

For our clients, and businesses considering cloud, here’s what you need to know about these changes:

  1. The new pricing changes are effective immediately for CenturyLink Public Cloud CPU, RAM, and block storage.  These drops are dramatic – a typical CenturyLink Cloud VM will cost at least 60% less with the new pricing.  Customers without contracts will see the new pricing effective immediately; customers with contracts will hear from their account team to adjust terms accordingly. 
  2. New support bundles.  Until today we have bundled premium support as part of our price offering – a key benefit to organizations formulating their cloud strategy.  But the market has matured.  As such, we are evolving our singular support offering to a strong portfolio of a la carte services.  Businesses can now choose from three support tiers, select from a list of our most popular NOC service items, or work with CenturyLink’s highly capable Professional Services team.  This approach is a big win for businesses in terms of choice and flexibility.  It’s also worth noting that a comparable level of support, combined with the new pricing, is still a major cost reduction for customers.
  3. Introducing Technical Cloud Service Engineers. A big part of our value proposition at CenturyLink Cloud is our consultative approach pre- and post-sales. This helps customers target workloads to migrate and configure their account for chargebacks and IT as a service. Customers can now opt-in to take this to another level by purchasing various levels of Technical Cloud Service Engineering functions. This offering (either shared or designated) will help enterprises achieve the full benefits of our cloud services.
  4. Service Tasks.  In decoupling our support, our operations teams analyzed seven years worth of support request patterns, and developed a list of the most commonly requested work items.  The end result is our new menu of service tasks - 15 work items that are priced hourly.  Customers can turn to our platform experts to get these common items completed, and do so with cost and SLA clarity.  This is another benefit of our new support services model.
  5. Major change in bandwidth pricing – from 95/5 to GB out, effective in June.  CenturyLink owns and operates a world-class global network and we are now offering significant savings on network, based on usage patterns.  Pricing will be $0.05 GB out / per month, which represents the best bandwidth prices you’ll find in the public cloud. Customers will see this change reflected in the Control Portal after our mid-June release.

In November, I promised that “we would build amazing things” as part of CenturyLink.  Regular readers of this blog know this to be true, as our product roadmap and monthly releases have grown in scope and become more aggressive without missing a beat.

These changes demonstrate our scale and ability to put customer choice and flexibility front and center.  And you can be sure that there’s much more in store for CenturyLink Cloud and our customers as we charge ahead.

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