We are in the business of solving real problems. That’s what our customers expect.  And today, we are announcing a new managed service that does just that.  Today we are introducing a cloud-based managed services offering that will help corporate managers minimize costs, complexity and risk while increasing agility and freeing budget for capabilities that transform the business and create competitive differentiation.  At CenturyLink, we believe that one of the most significant measures of problem solving is doing what we do best – managing the infrastructure that underpins the critical business initiatives of our clients and infusing that management with the automation and economics of our cloud platform.  Combined, those two elements deliver a value that no other provider can compete with today.  Infrastructure and people to run that infrastructure on-demand, paid for by the hour. Simply put, we are making cloud easier to manage for our customers.

We all know that Cloud is crossing a threshold into a new level of enterprise adoption possibilities. Enterprises now consider the cloud to be a basic necessity; a core element of their IT portfolios.  The challenge, however, is that most cloud platforms still operate on the do-it-yourself basis as cloud providers have mostly catered to early innovators. If your business outsourced your infrastructure to the cloud, you saved on hardware and facilities but you still had to piece together a set of people and services to manage the stack.  The simple management approach to cloud services has been missing.

Building the ecosystem that delivers both infrastructure and management on demand is a significant investment for any provider.  Perhaps that is why we are alone among our peers with this capability.  But it’s the right thing to do for our business clients and one of the most substantial developments I have seen in the market when it comes to realizing value from the cloud. I am proud to be part of CenturyLink’s transformation of enterprise cloud computing with an optimized experience that brings cloud together with expert managed services. It’s a game changer for the cloud, our business and our customers.

Cloud-based managed services represent a natural evolution of our cloud hosting business.  CenturyLink has offered managed hosting for years to some of the biggest companies in the world. With this service, we’re extending that heritage to offer managed applications in an on-demand model on our flagship platform, CenturyLink Cloud. Our industry-leading managed services are now married with our innovative cloud platform to create a self-service user experience that is consumed on an hourly basis. 

One-click access to managed services delivers our expert management resources in a new way, providing our customers with extraordinary flexibility. When you request a virtual machine (VM) with an operating system (OS) and apps, you’re getting substantially more than an OS image on a VM. You’re getting the full support of the CenturyLink organization. You just check a box when you’re setting up a VM and we’ll manage it for you - patch management, licensing, 24/7 active support or configuration.  Businesses can now choose to consume managed OS and applications – web servers, middleware, directory services and database applications – with the ease of a cloud utility and pay-by-the hour billing.

One of the great things about being part of an organization as large and capable as CenturyLink is the opportunity to craft a plan and then have the resources to follow it through to execution. We’ve been able to infuse our self-service/innovator roots from the Tier 3 acquisition with the “white glove” service standard of the previously named Savvis business unit. It’s an incredible match. We understand that there isn’t exactly a shortage of cloud providers in the market today. Yet, few can deliver fully managed Windows and Linux stacks in a public cloud as well as a hybrid cloud delivery model, which includes a mix of both virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure. CenturyLink offer this breadth of capability along with the network to transport application workloads via an application-aware network.

This is a watershed moment for both the cloud as an industry and for CenturyLink as a company. It’s an exciting moment to be involved with taking cloud services to the next level. Free your people resources, expedite your capabilities and let CenturyLink do the heavy lifting on managing the infrastructure that you use every day to achieve the vision and promise of your organization. Visit our Managed Services page to see how CenturyLink can help your business become more agile in the cloud.