Simple Backup Service Overview

Data is the lifeblood of day-to-day business operations in the modern enterprise. IT veterans are painfully familiar with the dreaded scenario of accidentally deleting something critical, like a production database. Imagine the impact to your business if this happened and you didn’t have a backup copy from which to restore. It's absolutely critical that your data is protected against unexpected loss or corruption.

Compounding the challenge of protecting critical data is the fact that data volumes are rapidly increasing to levels that stress a traditional legacy data protection approach. Legacy backup technologies may no longer be cost effective at scale. In many industries, data is also highly-regulated. New laws regulate where backup data can reside and for how long it must be retained in archive -- adding new complexity to the data protection strategy.

With those challenges in mind, the CenturyLink Cloud team is excited to announce the General Availability of Simple Backup Service (SBS), a new Internet-based cloud backup product that rethinks the “traditional” approach to enterprise data protection.

Flexible: No more “one size fits all” approach to backups. Create backup policies that match the precise location, frequency, and retention period required for your business.

Global Coverage: Store your backups in a separate region from your servers, or adhere to international data sovereignty guidelines with the global backup storage regions: US East, US West, Canada, EU (N. Ireland), EU (Germany), and APAC (Singapore).

Self-service: Use an intuitive, Web-based Control Portal to manage your backups. Or, use our REST API for programmatic access.

Cost-Effective: Avoid the high upfront licensing costs of traditional enterprise backup software with utility-style, consumption-based pricing. The service utilizes incremental backups to help minimize ongoing storage expenses and data transfer costs.

Secure: Backups are encrypted in-transit by TLS v1.2 and encrypted at rest in the object store with 256-bit AES encryption.

Fully-Automated: “Set it and forget it” protection. Data is automatically backed up in secure Object Storage and retained according to the policy. Restores are simple too -- just click on a “point-in-time” backup event and the data will be automatically restored within minutes.

Simple Backup Service offers comprehensive protection against file-level corruption for users of the CenturyLink Public Cloud, including:

  • Support for Standard and Bare Metal servers
  • All supported 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Global reach: Available in all CenturyLink Cloud nodes globally

For more information on Simple Backup Service, you can visit our product page or our Knowledge Base.

What Does the Future Hold?

This launch is just the beginning! We have a team of engineers dedicated to further improving the Simple Backup Service. We’ve received valuable feedback and suggestions from our Beta customers, which we have already started incorporating into our services. You can expect exciting new features from us often, as we operate in a 15 day Customer Driven release cycle.

How to Get Started

For help getting started and using the Simple Backup Service, please refer to our Knowledge Base article: Getting Started With Simple Backup. If you are interested in trying out Simple Backup as part of a CenturyLink Cloud evaluation, sign-up for a free trial here.