Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Josh Heller from Apptio, IT spending management service.

Cloud adoption has created many new ways for IT to add new value to the businesses they support — adapting to seasonal service demands, reduced management requirements by already over-taxed IT operations staff, increased efficiency of infrastructure deployed, and more. These benefits aren't new, but with more organizations moving to a ‘cloud-first' model, they struggle to understand the true economic impact of this change in strategy.

Moving to the cloud is causing a fundamental shift in the economic model of IT. Traditionally, new business applications were developed and deployed on servers, storage, and data centers owned by the company. This model is largely reliant on longer term capital expense (CapEx) — requiring IT to make infrastructure decisions that carry a fixed investment while the applications it supports benefit from rapid iteration. Cloud infrastructure, purchased on demand as an operational expense (OpEx), reduces the cost of this experimentation by not tying the upfront cost of new infrastructure to the application itself. This allows for rapid development of new software based on business demand and value. There is no longer financial overhead from infrastructure purchased months or years previously — infrastructure only needs to be paid for as needed.

Apptio dashboard

To truly understand the impact this transition is having on IT, organizations of all sizes are adopting software to gain insight into the value of the services they provide to their business. Apptio is an industry leader in Technology Business Management solutions — our software helps IT leaders understand the impact of this economic shift not only in terms of cloud migration, but all facets of IT — projects, labor, traditional on-premises infrastructure, applications, and more. But cloud is clearly on the top of our customers' minds. To that end, we've made significant investments to make it easy for our customers to analyze their cloud spend within Apptio.

We're excited to partner with CenturyLink to announce our integration with the CenturyLink Cloud billing API — enabling our mutual customers to easily analyze their spend on CenturyLink Public Cloud services within Apptio as part of their broader IT portfolio.

Apptio user interface

Our customers have made it clear that they prefer a multi-vendor approach to their cloud migration — valuing enterprise readiness, hybrid cloud support, and more. Our integration with CenturyLink Cloud goes directly towards supporting our customers' goals. With their cloud costs from CenturyLink available in Apptio, customers can now understand not only what they're spending on cloud resources, but also gain transparency into how those costs affect overall IT service delivery, benchmark the costs of on-premises versus cloud infrastructure, and begin to measure the true value of their decision to move to the cloud. Once the real value is understood, a significant barrier to cloud adoption is removed, enabling the business to focus on building new and innovative capabilities to stay competitive.

Don't let cost management be a barrier to your cloud migration — the economic benefits of the public cloud are an enabler to business innovation. Cloud adoption reduces the cost overhead and risk of the rapid service iteration required for modern companies to stay competitive. Learn how to get a handle on your cloud costs with Apptio, or contact me via twitter.