CenturyLink Cloud® is open for business Down Under.

The new Sydney location features our portfolio of compute, storage, and networking products, fully self-service, elastic, and on-demand.

Now, businesses operating or based in Australia can now turn to a single, trusted provider for public and private Cloud infrastructure, managed services, colocation, networking and support for advanced Hybrid IT scenarios. The Sydney site is our 14th public cloud node, and is federated with our other locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

CenturyLink Cloud’s infrastructure and platform offers customers an enterprise-ready path to leveraging cloud services to meet their business and IT requirements. Users can deploy a wide range of applications on our infrastructure – lift-and-shift migrations, traditional three-tier apps, and new cloud native patterns.

Key CenturyLink Differentiators

So what's different about CenturyLink's services? What's unique for the Australian market?

  • CenturyLink Public Cloud offers built-in cloud management, automation and orchestration capabilities to help customers enable business agility with self-service. Bundled billing and governance features reduce runaway spending or bill shock.

  • Customers can provision highly-configurable virtual servers instantly. These can then be connected to our full portfolio of Hybrid IT services– Colocation, Managed Hosting and Network, to deliver real-world applications running in across different islands of compute.

  • Customers that require advanced configurations – like encryption, or a specific virtual appliance – are able to deploy solutions from over 200+ Ecosystem partners via our Marketplace Program to meet their particular requirements.

  • CenturyLink Cloud is designed for the channel. SIs, ISVs, Service Providers, Distributors and Resellers can build new cloud-first recurring revenue streams on the back of CenturyLink's services. Notable among these partner features: white labeling, customizable pricing catalog, and integrated customer billing.

Why Australia? Why Now? The Data Behind the Venture

In research released by IDC Australia in 2015, it is asserted that “Cloud is the engine for innovation for the Digital Enterprise”. This position is substantiated by predictions that the total public IT cloud services spending in Australia is forecast to grow from an estimate of $909 million in 2014 to over $1.7 billion in 2018, at a compound annual growth rate of 17.2%

However, while demand for cloud technologies continues to grow, in a 2016 report, Stratecast states that “the lack of consistency and transparency, as well as confusion over what it takes to implement cloud, have led to market misunderstanding over actual costs”. The report goes on to say that in a survey of US IT decision-makers asked to estimate the total cost associated with managing cloud workloads, 45% said they spend $3-$5 USD on management for every $1 USD in IaaS costs, and another 16% said they spend more than $5 USD. While this research is based on US customers, the operational challenge is certainly relevant to the experience of many cloud customers globally.

This is the market opportunity we see for CenturyLink Cloud. Deliver transformative services, with clear pricing and transparency about costs. And reduce the barriers to automation, so IT pros can "work smarter, not harder" as their cloud spend grows.

The launch of a next generation enterprise cloud in Australia is exciting industry news. Through our rapid pace of feature development and enhancement, CenturyLink Cloud customers running in the Sydney node can expect new infrastructure capabilities, application services, and managed offerings to be available in this location in the months to come.

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