After recently achieving Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider status, CenturyLink was also named an Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP Partner. This partnership puts us among a select group of vendors that customers know and can engage with when consuming AWS services.

“We’re elated to receive this significant AWS distinction and confident it will help us continue serving a range of AWS use cases for our customers," said David Shacochis, vice president of product management. “This is a global certification that carries a significant cache in the market and with our joint customers.”

To earn this designation, CenturyLink met rigorous AWS Managed Service Provider Program requirements that were validated by a third-party auditor. The global program was developed in response to AWS customer requests to identify reliable vendors who could help them migrate, run and optimize AWS workloads.

By working with AWS, CenturyLink can provide a complete cloud services and cloud management portfolio that allows customers to have low-latency access to virtually endless AWS resources paired with dynamic, network-aware orchestration. The CenturyLink-AWS partnership validates our approach to cloud, especially with regard to Cloud Application Manager. Our hybrid cloud management platform allows companies to automate application deployments, optimize costs, scale workloads, and manage connections across disparate operating environments.

“AWS has put a lot of thought into what they consider state of the art in terms of being a managed services provider, and the MSP certification is a seal of approval that says that what you're offering meets that,” Shacochis said in an interview with FierceTelecom. “It's really just an overall level of confidence.”

In addition to providing services to architect solutions, migrate workloads and deliver security services that meet strict regulatory requirements, CenturyLink also offers numerous secure network connectivity options. Our Cloud Connect portfolio was designed to deliver secure, high-performance and enterprise-grade networking connections to AWS, along with extensive layer 1, 2 and 3 dynamic connectivity options that allow for a reliable, low-latency, highly responsive experience for hybrid-cloud applications.

“These are the critical areas that AWS looks at in terms of achieving customer success and they want to make sure that we as a service provider are delivering that,” Shacochis told Fierce Telecom. “One of the primary things that they're looking for is to make sure that you are not delivering managed services in a traditional way. That you’re delivering them in a way that recognizes the dynamic nature of the cloud and that were adding value in ways based on predictive analytics. They want to see a lot of differentiators in that realm.”

Together, the Microsoft and AWS certifications highlight CenturyLink’s ongoing commitment to building robust services and delivering digital transformation to businesses on their cloud journeys. They serve as examples of our place as a highly qualified managed service provider with wide-ranging assets that set us apart in the marketplace. They allow us to connect workloads to the right networks and also protect them with a depth of cybersecurity and expertise that most traditional managed service providers can’t match.

“When you look at our competitors in the telecom sector, a lot of them are not making these kinds of investments,” Shacochis said. “When you look at other competitors in the managed services sector, not a lot of them have the same class of assets that we do in terms of our global network interconnectivity as well as our global cybersecurity capabilities.”

We help remove business risk by offering managed and co-managed solutions that provide customers the tools, technology and expertise they need to maintain business agility. Advanced Managed Services is a heightened level of managed services for cloud and hosting services that provides customizable standard services, designated support, and specialized reporting to meet customer needs. It includes Application Lifecycle Management, which provides customers the tools to design, deploy, test, and manage the applications that run their businesses.

Stretching IT budgets, optimizing their network, increasing security, or being able to respond faster to business demands requires a combination of networking and solutions experience that makes CenturyLink a strong partner for enabling customers’ digital transformation needs.