Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Foundation

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) describes a wide variety of functions that can be outsourced to the cloud. They range from data collection and storage, to the tools used to analyze data, to providing analysis and reports. For businesses, the end goal is being able to apply the insights gleaned from analysis to drive growth.

CenturyLink has developed a BDaaS offering that includes managed Cloudera, professional services and methods to on-ramp customers. We deliver this solution on bare metal infrastructure for performance gains over virtualized environments.

Our BDaaS solution consists of three core components:

First, we offer a managed infrastructure, delivered on bare-metal hardware. This is differentiated from the virtual servers generally offered for many cloud Hadoop environments. And while bare metal is a differentiator, we also offer networking expertise, as well as advanced security capabilities.

Second, the service is based on Cloudera. Through our strong alliance with Cloudera, we have been in tight collaboration to roll out this service and have integrated CenturyLink’s scripts with Cloudera’s API to drive fast deployment on the servers.

Finally, CenturyLink provides consulting services and professional services for data analytics. Our scientists and data engineers help organizations drill down into their use cases to find the solutions that best fit their needs.

We also offer two initiatives to get customers up and running:

The Quick Start initiative focuses on helping customers articulate and implement BI or analytical use cases, and achieve success as quickly as possible. Depending on use cases and the complexity of the environment, this can take anywhere from three to 12 weeks.

The other is CenturyLink’s Data-to-Decisions Workshop. This workshop is directed by data scientists and big-data engineers, and is meant to help customers reach a defined end-state goal. The workshop can last from two to eight weeks, but we also offer a shortened version as part of the Quick Start program.

Challenges exist for those jumping into Hadoop. CenturyLink can ease those challenges with professional services upfront, and with a concerted strategy on 'time to value.' Organizations that may have stumbled early on with big-data deployments should view CenturyLink as a means to overcome those challenges.

Sign up for a free trial of Big Data as a Service on our website, or learn more through this report from 451 Research.