Servers in the cloud

In an effort to better meet our customers' needs and the ever changing market, we beefed up the feature set and availability for our Bare Metal servers on the CenturyLink Cloud®. At CenturyLink we continue to build a customer driven cloud, powered by feedback from the front lines of our business---the user. And while Bare Metal servers in the CenturyLink Public Cloud have always delivered the best of both worlds: the computing power of a physical server, plus the automation and pay-as-you-go flexibility of virtual machines; these new enhancements provide our customers with more options regarding where and how they can build their Bare Metal instances.

New Data Center Availability

Previously, customers could build their Bare Metal servers in either our Sterling, VA or Slough, United Kingdom data centers. We added three new data center locations to the line-up: New York, Vancouver, and coming soon, Sydney. The addition of these new locations gives our customers more options on a global scale.

New Server Configurations

New configurations are designed to allow the Bare Metal servers to support more intensive compute workloads. These modifications mean more cores, more memory, SSDs, and more local storage with configurable RAID control options.

Server matrix

For detailed information about the full set-up updates, visit our Bare Metal Knowledge Base.

Better Support the Platform

We believe truly compatible cloud products don’t need to be told when or how to integrate. They work together because they were designed to. That is why we are constantly evaluating and upgrading how our solutions perform together. The latest Bare Metal upgrades allow for a more elastic offering. Solutions across our platform will benefit from the Bare Metal upgrades, such as Simple Backup Service and Runner.

CenturyLink Public Cloud's Simple Backup Service protects your enterprise data with secure, file-level backups in the cloud. Store mission-critical information according to customized retention policies. For servers running in the public cloud, it offers the ultimate in reliability and convenience. Just point-and-click to create backup policies that meet your requirements; then apply them to servers.

From there, Simple Backup Service does the rest. Your data is automatically backed up and retained according to the policy. Restores are a click away with “point-in-time” backup. Your data will be automatically restored within minutes.

Runner allows users to efficiently manage their infrastructure and makes automation easy and accessible. Between public cloud platforms, private clouds, and on-premises devices, more and more organizations are deploying hybrid IT solutions, all of which can require a lot of time and resources to manage. Runner provides orchestration across multiple clouds or other hosts. Create Runner jobs via our Control Portal or API calls, then automate them later, or search our Marketplace for common jobs to get you started fast. From the most advanced users to those new to the cloud, Runner makes it simple to create jobs and execute them.

Regardless of where your business is located, CenturyLink can help you create a global digital strategy that fits your company's unique needs.

Getting Started

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