We’re big fans of Cloud Foundry, open-source platform as a service.  Why?  Two reasons: the level of abstraction it offers enterprise developers, and the portability across cloud providers. This combination means faster development and deployment of multi-language web applications.  And Cloud Foundry is backed by a thriving ecosystem of hosting providers.

It’s our goal to make the Public Cloud solution the cloud of choice for enterprise developers interested in Cloud Foundry.  To that end, we’re excited to announce an important milestone.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the beta availability of BOSH on the CenturyLink Cloud.

BOSH is a crucial tool for deploying and managing Cloud Foundry at scale. It is supported on AWS, OpenStack, and vSphere and vCloud Director – and now CenturyLink Cloud.

Getting started with BOSH on the CenturyLink Public Cloud is easy - just set up a Micro-BOSH server configured for CenturyLink Pubic Cloud, then use the standard BOSH command line tools!  Check out how to get started here. Support is based on the BOSH July 2013 snapshot and is Ubuntu only.

We are confident enterprises and devs will like the “better together” combination of BOSH, Cloud Foundry and CenturyLink Cloud.  Here are five reasons why:

  1. Supports everything you love about BOSH and Cloud Foundry.  Portability is one of the two defining attributes of Cloud Foundry, as mentioned above.  This means developers can use the same tools across different cloud “targets” for their deployments.  Whatever Cloud Foundry and BOSH expertise you have today – or plan to have in the future - it transfers immediately to CenturyLink Cloud.
  2. More options for Cloud Foundry deployments.  Enterprises have a few options for BOSH today, but more choices are always better.  It leads to faster innovation and lower prices. With CenturyLink Cloud on our way to supporting BOSH, you now have another great option to consider.
  3. Your PaaS deployment, your way.  Part of the PaaS value proposition is abstracting complexity away for developers and IT.  But there are some scenarios – several actually – where the enterprise needs to have more control and get “hands on” with their environment. With BOSH, you have complete control over your Cloud Foundry instance in the CenturyLink Cloud.  Adjust nodes to the size you require.  Upgrade on your schedule.  Whatever control you desire over Cloud Foundry on CenturyLink Cloud, BOSH delivers.
  4. One platform for legacy and greenfield apps. Customers and industry analysts alike have lauded our enterprise cloud platform for its innovation, self-service and automation functions.  IT likes our services because we offer the governance, compliance, and billing features they require.  This combination has made CenturyLink Cloud an attractive platform for legacy enterprise apps.  Now, with greater support for BOSH and Cloud Foundry, CenturyLink Cloud is an even more attractive platform for new cloud apps. 
  5. The first step in CenturyLink’s PaaS roadmap for 2014.  One of our predictions for 2014 is that platform as a service would go away as a category, and simply become another cloud service.  The CenturyLink Cloud Development Center is doing our part to make this a reality.  This BOSH support is just the beginning.  Our engineers are working now on integrating with Iron Foundry.  Expect more news from us on this front later in the spring.

Cloud Foundry, Iron Foundry, and BOSH are the kinds of open source projects our team here at the CenturyLink Cloud Development Center gets excited about.  And we’re even more excited to hear your feedback on BOSH, and how we can make Cloud Foundry deployments as smooth as possible for your business.