big data on bare metal

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Recently we beefed up our Bare Metal servers to provide customers with more ways to utilize, build, and customize their bare metal instances. These new configurations were designed to allow the Bare Metal servers to support more intensive compute workloads, as well as accommodate a wider range of use cases while still providing the flexibility and control of virtual machines.

CenturyLink Bare Metal servers are fully-integrated into the CenturyLink Public Cloud®, allowing you to create and manage physical servers alongside virtual instances. Customizable solutions are available such as the ability to power on and off your bare metal instances as needed with pay-as-you go flexibility, and host a wide range of applications from a unified interface. Ideal for compute-intensive applications like databases, analytics jobs, grid computing, and other workloads requiring consistent performance.

Big Data on Bare Metal

Bare Metal Servers on CenturyLink Cloud provide an excellent environment for your business’s big data application workloads. They provide the ability to provision and manage physical machines fast via API or Control Portal. Design and grow your clusters to meet the exact demands of your data. Compute isolation and consistent performance are essential when mining demanding scenarios like recommendation engines, machine learning, and fraud detection. With all local storage and more capacity than you can get on our VMs (up to ~9 TB), these dedicated servers provide your applications the response times your analysis demands.

Hadoop and Analytics

Hadoop and analytics can be complex to configure, deploy, and manage. Big data applications have a demand for performance while surges are often sporadic and unpredictable. Users don’t always know the demands of their workloads or are constantly changing design for further optimization. Many businesses begin by housing these applications on a virtual cloud platform, where they essentially outgrow it, through both performance needs and pricing.

Experience the advantages of the coupling of raw power needed for compute-intensive jobs while allowing for customizable and on-demand flexibility with hourly-billing that Bare Metal Servers on CenturyLink Cloud unleashes.

Database Hosting

Hosting relational and non-relational databases is one of the most common use cases for bare metal servers. Bare Metal servers provide the combination of raw horsepower and compute necessary to host large databases. Regardless of your database structure, bare metal servers offer an ideal hosting infrastructure for crunching large amounts of complex, relational data.

Additionally, dedicated servers offer superior economics for big data applications because they allow you to maximize their compute and memory capabilities without paying extra. This fixed model enables big data to truly shine without limitations.

Optimize Development and Production Database Environments Using DBaaS and BareMetal Servers

Any database administrator can tell you how challenging it is to adapt a database from dev into test and eventually into production. How many resources are needed? How much storage? How much RAM? How many vCPUs?

CenturyLink's Relational DB Service provides a safe and simple way to help transition a database through the application development process, and Bare Metal provides the perfect hosting environment.

During the development phase, Relational DB Service can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward development activities. As the application evolves, the Relational DB Service allows you to seamlessly scale these databases for production, reconfiguring them with higher levels of availability and performance. Or, you can just turn off any instances that you don’t need once you’re out of dev/test. Relational DB Service takes the pain out of managing the infrastructure so you can put your energies into more important things, and improve your ability to transition seamlessly from development to production.

Additional Use Cases for Bare Metal Servers

  • Applications need to be run off-premises, but their architectures can’t be easily supported in virtualized environments.

  • Compliance and security sensitive applications that require physical isolation of data.

  • Large amounts of data processing is needed for short bursts of time, a common scenario in grid computing in the financial services or in oil & gas industries.

  • Transitioning from hosting or colocation to on-demand cloud infrastructure.

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