Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Erica Brescia, from one click application tool Bitnami.

BitnamiEver wished you had an easy way to deploy Redmine, SugarCRM, Alfresco, Drupal, or your favorite app in the cloud? Preferably one that didn't involve dealing with complicated server infrastructure, cryptic configuration files and multiple software versions?

Well, now you have one. We're pleased to announce that many of Bitnami's server applications and development environments are now available to CenturyLink Cloud customers as Bitnami Cloud Blueprints. With this integration, you can deploy over 100 Bitnami pre-configured applications quickly and securely on your CenturyLink cloud tweaking necessary!

At Bitnami, we've taken the data we get from our million-plus deployments each month and used it to make sure that launching complex, multi-tiered application environments with our cloud images is as painless as possible.

Here’s how:

  • All our applications are pre-compiled and pre-configured with all necessary dependencies so that they work out-of-the-box.
  • They’re quick and easy to install; simply sign into your CenturyLink account and select the Bitnami Cloud Blueprint of your choice.
  • We make sure they're updated frequently so that you can sleep easy knowing that your production servers are running the most secure and bug-free version available.

How easy is it? Let's say you want to quickly launch a website based on Drupal. Here's what you'd do:

  1. Log in to your CenturyLink Control Portal. Login to control portal
  2. Select Drupal from the list of available Bitnami Blueprints. Drupal blueprint by Bitnami
  3. Configure your server settings and hit the "Deploy Blueprint" button. Configure server settings
  4. Sit back and relax as your Drupal server is configured. Deploy Drupal with Bitnami

Yes, it really is that simple! You don't need to manually download and extract files, create a database, or tweak any web server settings. Everything is configured automatically for you so that, when it's all done, you can just log in to your Drupal dashboard and get to work. Regardless of whether you're installing Drupal on one website or ten, the process is equally simple and painless.

If you're a developer, the ability to spin up a new server in minutes with everything pre-configured means less time dealing with environment setup issues and more time to focus on your code. Plus, because you can get the same Bitnami software as a VMware or VirtualBox image, or as a native installer for your Linux, Windows, or Mac computer, you can write code on your laptop without worrying about platform or configuration differences when you deploy it to the cloud.

If you’re part of an enterprise IT team, you’ll quickly realize that deploying applications using Bitnami Cloud Blueprints has a number of advantages. For example, our solutions are standardized across platforms, which means that end-users and developers have exactly the same experience regardless of whether they're working on their desktop or in the cloud. Technical support becomes significantly easier as well. And if you still need help, you can always hop over to the active community forums on to get quick, expert assistance. (And, yes, our developers will be reading your questions too!)

Sounds good? Get started with one of our Blueprints on CenturyLink Cloud now.