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CenturyLink Cloud® announces new automation to deploy blockchain nodes for both NEM and Expanse services.

What is a Blockchain and why is the Technology Significant?

Blockchain is a catch-all term for a shared immutable cryptographic distributed database. In this special kind of database the data, commonly referred to as the 'ledger', is encrypted for security and permanently stored in numerous systems across geographically varied sites for diversity and redundancy.

One of the top struggles of IT departments today is making data frictionless to consume by their customers, internal and external, yet doing so in a secure manner. With today’s technology and services those goals can be difficult to balance. Blockchain technology, however, can mitigate these concerns. By storing the data in an encrypted 'ledger' that spans numerous servers across the globe the data will be readably accessible at all times and secured against malicious modification.

The applications for blockchain technology interacting with our daily lives could be limitless - from making land-records more secure and invulnerable to fraudulent behavior, facilitating secure communication between smart devices (IoT), to promoting real-time financial transactions between banks -- the possibilities go on and on. With just this small glimpse into the practical uses for blockchain, it is easy to see how the technology could transform the way entire industries operate.

CenturyLink’s Contribution to the Blockchain Community

Across the industry there is substantial investment and research into making blockchain technology practical for everyday use. With such a wide range of exploration and development in blockchain technology one of the best ways for CenturyLink to serve the community is to automate the deployment of existing blockchain services that can be rather complicated and time consuming to configure for just a single server, let alone an entire group of nodes.

With our recently-launched Runner cloud automation service, we have developed a 'Playbook' that automates the deployment of blockchain services 'Anywhere' you wish to deploy an instance. Depending on your needs this can be within our global footprint of 14 reliable and secure data centers, your private infrastructure or even a third party provider. This Hybrid-IT approach provides you with the flexibility to easily-deploy anywhere you want for any reason.

Ultimately, we want to enable individuals to use blockchain services as quickly as possible -- allowing them to focus on building great products on top of existing blockchain services.

Interested in Blockchain on CenturyLink Cloud?

If you would like us to develop additional blockchain service Playbooks or just want to be kept updated on any blockchain developments in CenturyLink Cloud contact us at: [email protected]

Getting Started with Blockchain on CenturyLink Cloud

• Sign up for a CenturyLink Cloud account, here

• Login to Runner

• Select the blockchain service you wish to deploy.

• Select the data center you wish for the blockchain service to be installed in and click run.

• Begin to interact with the blockchain technology of your choice.

To learn more about deploying and interacting with blockchain services visit the following Knowledge Base Articles:

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