Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Lia Gurin from Centerity, IT infrastructure monitoring and software management.

For many IT departments, system monitoring is a painful problem. Many times a specialized team is put in charge of monitoring consoles which display threshold alerts and exceptions against various thresholds. This stream of notification traffic provides IT teams with tons of data that immediately turns into a classification and organization problem. Actionable information that adds value to situational awareness is still hard to come by. The fact remains that many IT monitoring consoles, provide myriad alerts about IT components (e.g., physical, passive, virtual, cloud, application, end-user experience) yet offer no systemic clarity or relevance for 99% of monitoring use cases.

As a direct result, most IT teams look at the monitoring console as an exercise in figuring out what they should ignore.

The only practical solution for this unproductive situation is to use Business Service Management (“BSM”) views of key business processes. Only by mapping an enterprise’s important business services into process views and using drill-down techniques as part of the BSM method can IT teams finding the critical Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) needed for SMART Root Cause Analysis (“RCA”) that lead to significant reductions in Mean-Time-To-Restore (“MTTR”). By using BSM techniques, IT teams can convert existing monitoring consoles into useful, proactive, real-time tools.

Centerity is the only next-generation monitoring vendor that has already scaled the BSM heights. Centerity Monitor provides accurate, real-time measurements of performance and availability against Business Service objectives with drill-down analysis, intelligent alerting, and predictive analytics, for all types of critical IT workloads.

Industry analyst Gartner agrees – calling out the Centerity Monitor technology in its Cool Vendors in 2014. The only way to truly serve the needs of both IT executives and business leaders is to implement a BSM approach across IT workloads in a flexible cross-technical model that understands all the failure domains that can impact the business.

Centerity Systems has integrated its technology with the CenturyLink ecosystem to provide CenturyLink Public Cloud users with a subset of its unified IT monitoring software as a part of a no charge, 30 day trial offer. Once deployed, CenturyLink Public Cloud users will have access to an enhanced set of up to 10 performance and availability metrics for cloud-based Linux and Windows hosts. During the trial, CenturyLink Cloud customers will also have access to the Centerity Monitor Dashboard, which provides key metrics, summary views of real-time system health, and enhanced reports about system utilization, usage, uptime, trends, and history.

Get started with this solution today and start learning how the power of Business Service Management can change your IT operations. Stop worrying about which monitoring events you should ignore, and start focusing on how your IT infrastructure supports your business.