Plug In to Platform CenturyLink

It's great to have a thriving Cloud Development Center where we crank out new features for our platform, but we know we can’t do it all ourselves. As Al Gore once said on 30 Rock, “there's an old African proverb that I made upIf you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We need to go far, quickly.”

Integrating with CenturyLink Cloud

We’ve been cultivating a technology ecosystem that we think will help our users go far, quickly. You can visit our newly-published CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program to learn more. This new initiative supports integrations with a wide range of partner technologies who can "plug in" to the CenturyLink Public Cloud as part of their user experience.

Technology partners can choose from three different types of integration patterns, one of the most flexible in our industry:

  • An Application Programming Interface (API) for automated interactions between any management system and the CenturyLink Public Cloud.
  • Our Blueprint orchestration engine. This powerful tool enables automated provisioning workflows for partner technology that combine dozens of configuration steps into one single click.
  • An Add-On framework (coming soon) for automating sign-ups to popular web services, while binding these external services to the CenturyLink Platform.

Partners are already seeing the benefits of integrating with the CenturyLink Cloud API . New integrations have been published by:

  • VMware, who integrated their vRealize technology with the CenturyLink Public Cloud, enabling our platform to be managed as part of VMware’s self-service portal for building and managing virtual infrastructure.
  • Rackware, who built a management module for the CenturyLink Public Cloud, to allow easy disaster recovery and migrations to our platform.
  • DataGardens, a long-time partner and acquisition by CenturyLink, integrated its SafeHaven product with the CenturyLink Public Cloud to achieve failover control and continuity of operations for customers.

The CenturyLink Cloud Blueprint Engine is ideal for partners who want to enable single-click provisioning of their technology:

  • CloudMine, a mobile development platform that enables legacy backend systems to become rich, mobile-ready applications for a variety of smart devices.
  • FoundationDB, a multi-model database engine that offers up a layered approach to data management using SQL-compliant, high-performance key-value storage.
  • Vormetric, an enterprise-grade encryption platform that keeps customer data and its cryptographic keys protected from unauthorized access. This is a must-have requirement for many enterprises, and compliance doesn’t get much easier (or simpler) than this implementation.

We’ll be covering examples of how our technology partners benefit from the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program in our “Ecosystem Showcase” series here on the CenturyLink Cloud Blog. Keep reading!

What's Next?

Our growing list of partners joins with our expanding set of cloud capabilities to create an exciting set of solutions for customers in the months to come.

We’re truly excited to enter into this next phase of growth for the CenturyLink Public Cloud. Linking our customers and partners together with an automated, on-demand, self-service platform opens up a world of new opportunities. We’re excited to be your link to what’s next.