Migrate to Cloud

There are many variables to consider when migrating from one platform to another. The whole process can be daunting; factors that directly affect business like associated costs, current and future states of software and data stores, and the decommissioning of physical properties, are a few of the considerations related to migration. Luckily for customers, CenturyLink makes cloud migration easier than ever.

Migration Made Easy

Depending on your business-specific needs, either as a new customer looking to migrate to a new cloud provider or as an existing customer who needs to migrate from a legacy platform (VPDC, OCC, CDC, or DCC), migration doesn't have to be overly-stressful. At CenturyLink, we have a team of experts that make migration smooth and less complicated. We encourage our customers to explore the CenturyLink Platform and familiarize yourself with the interface and, of course, let CenturyLink show you how to make cloud migration easy.

Don't Go it Alone

By getting in-touch with a cloud specialist, customers can find migration documentation with information and receive details on migrating to the CenturyLink Platform with free onboarding support. Our team of experts understand the need for companies to diversify their offerings across product and service lines while maintaining and providing customer support. That's why CenturyLink is committed to helping companies with aging infrastructure, outdated software or manufacturer support, and high physical operations costs migrate without leaving customers vulnerable to service disruptions.

The migration team at CenturyLink was originally conceived as the Platform Migration Team, led by Traci Yarbrough, and leads customer migrations specifically from the Legacy Platforms (VPDC, CDC, and OCC) to our strategic platforms CenturyLink Cloud and Dedicated Cloud Compute.

The CenturyLink Difference

Our dedicated Migration team started by moving VPDC to CenturyLink Cloud and migrating Dedicated Cloud Compute and have robust knowledge and experience ironing out processes, building relationships with the teams performing the migrations, and ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for customers.

We leave nothing to chance, and to ensure our process is seamless we have dedicated efforts to analyze data and report analytics to ensure a successful migration. At CenturyLink, we believe in building relationships and working through the process with our customers. As a result, the number of migration programs have grown and the Migration Team now works with new and existing customers for migrations, as well as internally with product owners, managers, and others to assist with product end-of-life and transition management.

Our customers can expect our Engagement Specialists to have a diverse range of backgrounds -- from operations and service delivery to help desk and product management -- which provide invaluable insight into the programs that the team designs. By working with customers to initiate migration planning and pull in the necessary internal CenturyLink and external third-party teams and resources, migration has never been easier.

Innovative Integration

Customers can explore the Marketplace Provider Program to check out our platform capabilities, which are made even better with third-party integrations. Integration works best when customers can judge what software and tools are the best fit for their business needs while connecting to their sites and back-end systems using the CenturyLink Platform. Perhaps most importantly, customers have the control and power to establish secure, continuous connectivity, and review APIs in a fully-integrated way with their entire system cluster, which includes billing, provisioning, monitoring, and management activities.

Migration Simplified

Migrations made necessary by the end of a product's viability can be incredibly complex projects, with a slew of considerations and moving parts. Our dedicated Migration team simplifies this process for the customer, by orchestrating the process and doing the heavy lifting. Migrating to a new cloud provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’d like to show you how smoothly you can transition from your current cloud provider to the CenturyLink Platform.

We’re so confident in our migration process that we’re offering you free onboarding to the CenturyLink Platform, plus matching cloud credits. At CenturyLink Cloud, we have the experience and resources to help, so you don't have to go it alone.

Use our Migration Checklist to get you started!

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