Cloud Migration Stairs

Get In and Get Going

​ Whether you're a customer migrating to a new Cloud provider or you're an existing customer migrating from a legacy platform like VPDC, OCC, CDC, or DCC, migrating is seamless and simple with the experts at CenturyLink. It's important to get in, explore, and find the differences in meta models, map services from your old provider and the Legacy Platform, and try things out to get familiar with the new interface. ​ CenturyLink's Cloud Migration program entry requirements make the process easy-to-follow, as customers must: ​

  • Meet pre-qualification requirements and complete The Cloud Provider Velocity Program document that details the terms and credit allocation. You can obtain the document by emailing a Cloud Specialist.
  • Provide proof of active use from a competing Public Cloud, especially in light of some providers shutting down their Public Cloud offerings. If that situation applies to you, check out this trial offer.
  • Establish a contracting process for CenturyLink Cloud prior to engagement.
  • Pass through the pre-qualification process by March 30, 2016 for free migration on-boarding offer eligibility. ​ By migrating to CenturyLink Cloud® from another cloud provider with the help of CenturyLink's Migration and On-boarding teams, customers will benefit from CenturyLink's matching Cloud Credit offer. The offer includes on-boarding services and migration assistance for customers requiring help migrating from a Public Cloud. You must be willing to sign-up for a 1-year term-based agreement. ​

    Grab the Bull by the Horns

    ​ Helping existing customers migrate from their legacy platform to CenturyLink Cloud is a multi-step, tiered approach. The process is designed to facilitate a smooth, effortless, and cost-effective transition between service platforms using the best delivery methods. ​ Contact On-boarding Services for hands-on training, first-app migration, new server builds, or assistance with Virtual Machine (VM) and Open Virtualization Format (OVF) migrations from a legacy platform. The Service Guide provides more information on the process involved. ​

    Explore New Avenues

    ​ Assess the Ecosystem Program and its capabilities, which are even more robust with third-party integrations. Customers can see what software, virtual appliances, and tools are the best fit for their individual, team, and business needs on the Cloud Platform. Customers can connect to their sites and back-end systems using the offerings on CenturyLink Cloud. Additionally, customers have the control and capability to set up secure, continuous connectivity, and review APIs to integrate all their systems, including billing, provisioning, monitoring, and management activities. ​

    Embrace the CenturyLink Community

    ​ The CenturyLink Cloud community is full of knowledge and resources -- and is constantly contributing to not only our platform via new articles, partnerships, and features; but to the open source community as well. Be sure to explore and pick the best support options to meet your needs. Our blog is updated regularly with new and highly-relevant topics. There is also an extensive Knowledge Base library. You can also take a front row seat at our centers of innovation, by scheduling a tour, where you can customize your experience. Go to our CenturyLink Connect page to schedule your visit with our Connect Team. ​

    Migration Made Easy

    ​ Migrating to a new cloud provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’d like to show you how smoothly the transition from your current cloud provider to the CenturyLink Platform can be. We’re so confident in our migration process that we’re offering you free onboarding to CenturyLink Platform, plus matching cloud credits from now until September 30th. To learn more about the migration process, check out Cloud Migration: Don't go it Alone. ​ Use our Migration Checklist to get started! ​ We’re a different kind of cloud provider –- let us show you why.