CenturyLink announces the availability of CenturyLink Cloud® Virtual Firewall, our next generation public cloud networking service.

Built on VMware’s NSX for vSphere, Virtual Firewall is your solution for cloud-based Software Defined Networking at scale. Available today for new customers in our VA1 (Sterling, Virginia) NY1 (New York East) and UC1 (Santa Clara, California) service locations, Virtual Firewall offers per-customer dedicated virtual networking instances.

By segmenting our network infrastructure at the individual customer level, Virtual Firewall enables us to reduce the “noisy neighbor” effect that can affect customer workloads hosted in a shared environment. The Software Defined Networking architecture of Virtual Firewall also allows our customers to grow their cloud networks at scale with their compute workloads.

Virtual Firewall supports all of our existing cloud networking features, such as:

  • Private cloud networking (up to 200 private IPs per network)
  • Site-to-site VPN tunnels (connect the cloud to your existing network)
  • Cross-data center connectivity
  • Client VPN access
  • Public IPs
  • Custom firewall rules

We are excited to announce that additional next-generation cloud networking functionality enabled by Virtual Firewall is coming soon.

Virtual Firewall is currently available in our VA1, NY1 and UC1 service locations, and will soon be available in VA2, GB3, WA1, and DE3 sometime in Q2 2018. We expect to have the service available in all our public cloud locations later this year.

New customers can learn more by contacting Sales at 1.855.360.0520. If you're an existing customer interested in participating in upcoming migration waves, opt in by contacting our Customer Care team at help@ctl.io.