Today, Cloud Application Manager announces the launch of Cloud Reports to help companies manage and control their cloud footprint and resulting costs across cloud service providers. This new offering provides IT managers with comprehensive tools they need to understand, track and optimize spend and usage across all their cloud resources on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

We’ve found that more than 50 percent of our customers companies today use more than one cloud provider. As more companies disperse their resources across multiple cloud services, it’s increasingly difficult for them to fully understand the return on those investments.

Enter Cloud Application Manager Cloud Reports, a new product that aims to help companies manage their spend and monitor usage across multiple cloud platforms all in one place. Beyond spend-tracking or reporting, it provides insights into how teams or applications are using resources so companies can optimize costs for each provider and deploy resources where they make the most sense.

With Cloud Application Manager Cloud Reports companies can:

Track spending on cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

In addition to tracking overall spend on each cloud provider, customers can also track spend for different provider accounts, services, instance sizes, and datacenter locations.

Spending Tracker

Compare usage and money spent on one cloud versus another

Cloud Reports tracks both spend and number of instances for each cloud provider. Customers can better understand their spending per instance for each cloud provider and optimize accordingly.

Report 1

Create cost centers and budgets for different teams, applications, or projects to track usage and budgets

Customers can create different cost centers for projects, teams, or departments and track spending against those budgets on a monthly basis.

Report 2

Set customer prices negotiated with cloud vendors

Customers can set custom pricing lists based on rates that they may have negotiated separately with AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute.

Pricing List

Cloud Reports is available as an add-on for our enterprise customers.

For detailed information about the feature, please check out product documentation.

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