CenturyLink Cloud Price Estimator

The advent of cloud computing has brought about one of the largest business opportunities in decades for managed services providers, system integrators and VARs many of whom have adapted their business models to offer the agility provided by elastic infrastructure.

CenturyLink has been a popular destination for enterprises and partners alike, with some of our partners choosing to white label and resell our product. The capabilities that enable this are a major differentiator of our platform. We constantly look for ways to enable our partners to pass value onto their customers and today we are happy to add another tool to their belt.

We are pleased to announce that we are contributing our Cloud Cost Estimator tool to the open-source community under the Apache 2 license. This web app makes it easy to estimate a monthly bill for a customized set of resources on the CenturyLink Cloud service.

As we’ve marketed cloud to our own end user customers, this estimator has been an invaluable tool to help buyers understand the costs associated with building and managing apps in the cloud. Deep visibility and monitoring coupled with showback and chargeback capabilities extend the value once resources are up and running.

Now, our channel partners can offer the same experience to their customers. A partner simply downloads the code, tweaks it based on business specifics, and adds this handy resource to its website.

Get Started Notes (from the Public Repo)

The project is deployed with CSS and JavaScript for the most part, but is developed in CoffeeScript.

To download the estimator, see the readme file at https://github.com/CenturyLinkCloud/PriceEstimator. From there, follow the instructions outlined on the page and you will be up and running in no time.

To update the data sets, we built a static file for manipulation, but you can easily make this dynamic based on your needs.

To update prices, edit the files here: https://github.com/CenturyLinkCloud/PriceEstimator/tree/master/public/prices.

There are multiple pricing sheets: a default, and then ones for each data center should their prices differ. The file data-center-prices.json feeds the select dropdown for the data centers as well as specifies which pricing JSON file to use.

To update managed services, edit https://github.com/CenturyLinkCloud/PriceEstimator/blob/master/source/js/app/templates/addManagedApp.haml.

If you have any feedback about this project, let us know by submitting an issue to the repo, or even better go ahead and contribute.

Ongoing Commitment to Open Source

At CenturyLink, we believe it’s critical to be active in the open-source community. Some of the other open-source projects CenturyLink is working on include Iron Foundry, ElasticLINQ and Panamax. We welcome comments and contributions on any of these projects!