Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Ross Gray, VP at Cloudsoft

Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP) is software which streamlines the development and operation of applications. AMP orchestrates services, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real time. This results in more reliable operations, productive development, and greater agility for IT to respond to their business needs. Now, Cloudsoft AMP is available on the CenturyLink Platform via Blueprint. CenturyLink Cloud works with Cloudsoft to provide agility and reliability throughout the application lifecycle, and provide users with the ability to build applications across any cloud, or across many clouds.

Behind the Cloud AMP Technology

AMP is built on a foundation of Apache Brooklyn, Clocker, Apache jclouds and other open source technologies. AMP collects and packages the open source projects Apache Brooklyn and Clocker. AMP’s autonomic policy-based management transforms cloud operations and liberates applications from infrastructure, allowing you to mix-and-match bare metal, virtual machines and containers.

Cloud AMP utilizes autonomic computing, a framework which allows systems to configure, heal, optimize, and protect themselves according to policies established by their operators. Cloudsoft AMP makes operational expertise part of application design. Applications respond to demand, failures, and changing priorities automatically, across public and private clouds, or your own hardware.

Policy-Driven Control Pane

AMP provides a policy-driven control plane that actively manages applications through their lifecycle. Blueprints define application architecture and describe the policies that control the application. Policies define application behavior: auto-scaling thresholds, placement criteria for workloads and for data, high-availability requirements, cost constraints, relative application priorities, service levels, jurisdictional constraints, etc. Blueprints and policies are composable, allowing complex deployments and behaviors to emerge based on the aggregate needs of the application.

Increase Developer Productivity with Cloud AMP

The user friendly graphical UI and policy-based management controls allow for powerful monitoring of consumption by applications and users, and the drag and drop Blueprint Designer creates a simple environment for implementing custom blueprints.

Cloud-Native Without Losing Control

• Increase speed to value by building upon your existing service assets in a way that avoids vendor lock-in and ensures ongoing portability and flexibility.

• Build bridges between new and old world architectures to benefit from existing stateful and stateless assets that enable a richer selection of services to be made available.

• Enterprise-grade RBAC and Entitlement controls allow you to regulate access on who can view certain environments within your application.

Now Available in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

Cloudsoft AMP v4 will help developers focus on what matters and develop more productively. With new features such as a completely re-designed and far richer UI which includes:

• Graphical designer for blueprints - makes blueprint creation and composition easy; for the power user, blueprints YAML can be edited directly.

• Self-service blueprint catalog allows easy deployment of standard or customized applications; easily grow the collection of self-service applications shared with your organization.

• Includes App dashboard - simple view of what’s is running and status.

Getting Started

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