ConnectHave you ever wanted to have a forum where you can ask in-depth questions about how a company addresses similar issues that you experience within your business, and how other companies are keeping up with the rapid pace of change in IT services? Or have you wanted to attend a deep-dive tour into a specific technology, product, or service that goes beyond a web page experience? We created the CenturyLink Connect Team to provide just that. Not only for others to connect with us, but for us to connect with the IT community. The Connect Team provides a tailored experience for briefings, site tours, event support and speakers, technical learning workshops, and deep-dive sessions into sharing how the latest technologies are solving real-world business problems in the digital economy.

When the team began working with customers, partners, and prospects we noticed a common interest. Businesses were interested in the technical details of how we work, how others were solving problems, automation, integration, and trends seen within our customer base. To address this need we created the Cloud Briefing Center which opened in late 2014. We assembled the Connect Team to provide a real-world experience for sharing knowledge, enabling others to solve problems, and collaborate with us and others within the cloud community.

Our thought leaders in the briefing sessions are often the engineers actually building our products. They use actual architecture discussions vs. hand-waving marketing slides in an experience tailored to each customer, prospect, or visiting partner. The result is that our visitors learn how to solve real-world problems that they face, and in turn they are able share that knowledge with others. Due to the success of our Cloud Briefing Center we’ve decided to open up a new Developer Center in St. Louis. Our goal is to support more customers, host more community events, and educational forums to help enrich and connect the technical communities.

We have a Customer Driven Cloud philosophy that drives our Agile product cycles. We embodied that same philosophy when we created the Connect Team. Over the last year we've learned some amazing things from our customers. Here are a few examples of what a Connect Experience entails:

Customized Agendas

We love working directly with you and your sales teams to customize an agenda to meet your specific areas of interest. Agendas range from high level presentations, technical deep-dives, demos, and hands-on workshops.

Subject Matter Experts Speakers

We provide highly technical subject matter experts to cover your specific business interests and needs. The speakers range from our Product Owners to Vice Presidents, and engineering resources to give you hands-on tutorials and workshops.

Streamlined Logistics and Process

The Connect Team uses customer and visitor feedback on how we can best meet the needs of our guests. We make sure these tailored events are as seamless and effortless as possible. From scheduling, agendas, speakers, content and materials, the Connect Team ensures that every aspect of the experience goes smoothly.

Briefing Center

Take a front row seat in our Center of Innovation. The CenturyLink Cloud Briefing Center is the hub of our Developer Center. It is a meeting space that allows you to meet with Cloud Technology Executives, engineers, subject matter experts, partners, and peers. Discuss your unique business needs; ask questions with experts; and receive feedback on state-of-the-art best practices.

Here is a sample of the customized discussions we've held:

  • Driving innovation by leveraging new technologies on the cloud to meet business needs
  • Freeing up resources by improving efficiency and managing complexity
  • Reducing risk of a data breach, improper access, and fraud
  • Agile and DevOps in action with 15-day release cycles
  • Using automation to deliver services faster

We've seen that many visitors would like to implement the same processes into their business practices. We'll share our philosophy, and even the specific tools we use to build and manage our platform.

Locations and Accommodations

Our Connect Team strategists take care of securing off-site locations and accommodations for events and sessions hosted outside of the St. Louis and Seattle briefing centers.

Looking Ahead

It's all about connecting. The influence of our Connect Team continues to grow from Seattle to St. Louis and beyond. Our main focus is solving real-world business problems through sharing information with our with partners and communities. Here's a sneak preview into the venues we plan for 2016.


The CloudWalk is a hands-on, technical event where we invite technology enthusiasts to experience cutting-edge innovation in a casual up-beat setting. Experts guide everyone, technical and non-technical alike, in a group development session.

We've teamed up with partners like Vormetric and Dynatrace to connect with the community and host some very cool monthly tech events. Check out this awesome video to see what a CloudWalk is all about. You can read a recap of our security CloudWalk, and learn about our User Group mobile app. CloudWalks are an awesome concept that inspires education, collaboration, and partnerships throughout the technology community.


A Meetup group is a local community of individuals who have like-minded interests. Typically, these are face-to-face meetings that encourage networking, learning, or knowledge sharing around a specific subject. Are you looking for a location to host your next technology enthusiasts Meetup? Do you want to start a Meetup group, but don’t have a place get started? Get in touch with us. We work with local Meetup groups to provide a location for meetings within our communities.

To schedule your CenturyLink Connect experience, host an event at our location, or just learn more, visit our Briefing Center page.

We look forward to working with our customers, visitors, and partners to provide custom top-level experiences and solutions that bring expertise, value, and education to the Connect community!