With so much angst in the market over new and innovative ways to deliver cloud application services, Cloud Application Manager has joined the open source community by introducing an entirely new project focused on container management called ElasticKube. Many of our customers have shown a keen interest in containers, although they’re looking to leverage Cloud Application Manager for “traditional” virtualized environments. However, I’m always intrigued at how cautiously optimistic IT organizations are and even sometimes, downright pessimistic, when it comes to management and security of containers. So it makes perfect sense that Cloud Application Manager has chosen to invest in containers and meet a huge need in the market.

Today’s launch is the first step in working with the community to help standardize the way enterprises deploy and manage containers. But what is ElasticKube exactly? Glad you asked; it is essentially a management layer on top of a Kubernetes cluster. Similar to the experience that you might see in our Cloud Application Manager offering, this is a web console and self-service template catalog of all the containerized services that are available in your repository (for example, GitHub). Our primary focus has been to add value with authorization and user management which allows for visibility into who has done what and historical behaviors within the environment. Additional capabilities are built on the same concept that Kubernetes uses; you can manage resources, templates, charts and namespaces while also providing both a user and admin portal.

ElasticKube Diagram

We’re excited to launch this new solution and have joined the initiative with Google which can be found in the Kubernetes blog below.

Cloud Application Manager introduces ElasticKube to help manage Kubernetes within the enterprise.

We encourage you to check out ElasticKube, configure a Kubernetes cluster and begin deploying containers on the cloud of your choice.

Overview Video

Getting Started with Kubernetes and ElasticKube

  • Deploy ElasticKube to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Configuration
  • Admin: Setup and invite a user
  • Deploy an instance

Want to Learn More About Cloud Application Manager and ElasticKube?

Cloud Application Manager is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. It provides interactive visualization to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time. Offering two approaches to cloud orchestration — Cloud Application Manager and ElasticKube — enterprise IT and developers alike can benefit from multi-cloud flexibility.

Explore ElasticKube by visiting GitHub (curl -s https://elastickube.com | bash).

Visit the Cloud Application Manager product page to learn more.