Why Data Protection Services are Important

Data backup and restoration is critical on both a personal and business continuity level. From personal photos to customer financial information, data is always at risk of being lost. These risk factors range from user error to natural disaster; it’s not a matter of “if”, but "when." The associated downtime of these sudden events can cripple businesses. Those who are prepared can resume operations swiftly and not only minimize financial impact, but seize the opportunity to gain new business from competitors whose operations may be nonfunctional. The consequences of data loss can be so great that many businesses are forced on a regulatory level to maintain consistent copies of data.

What Solution is Right for You?

So you have important data that you don’t want to lose -- what next? With the myriad of choices, it may be difficult to determine what product provides the best fit for your needs. The first step in the selection process is to ask yourself “What am I trying to protect and why?”. Are you trying to ensure your precious memories are not erased forever? Perhaps you need to protect your sensitive client information from vandalism or system failure, or even ensure that your critical operation systems are able to be quickly and fully recovered as a result of a catastrophic event. Once you understand your needs, it becomes much easier to select a suitable data protection service. Understanding the differences between these types of services can narrow down the options even further.

File & Folder Level Backup

Do you want to backup specific data that you can not afford to lose? File and folder level backup may be the solution for you. Data may be lost due to human error, hardware failure, physical damage, viruses and malware, power failure, and even theft. How important is your data? If any of these events occurred, how would it affect you? Regardless of the reasons, your data protection plan should be simple and painless.

Simple Backup Service provides an easy and cost effective solution to meet your file & folder-level backup needs. Only pay to protect the data you need and store it safely in Object Storage for as long as you’d like. Self-service configurations allow you to create policies that match your exact data retention and backup frequency requirements. Apply the policies to the servers you want and back them up to whichever regions you need. Restoring data is as easy as selecting a completed backup and specifying a restore path. API scripting is even available for advanced users with large-scale needs. Getting started with Simple Backup Service is quick and easy!

Disaster Recovery Services

Perhaps your resources are critical to the operation of your business. Would your business operations come to a halt if your resources go down? Do you need a guarantee on system recovery time? Maybe you feel like you do not have time to select specific data to backup? Hardware failure and catastrophic events can cripple business continuity. If these situations concern you, disaster recovery may suit your needs.

Managed Disaster Recovery Service delivers a team of dedicated experts deliver end-to-end services giving you peace of mind for all your business continuity concerns. A “white-glove” deployment experience ensures your configuration aligns with your DR strategy. Unlike other DRaaS solutions, the CenturyLink Managed Disaster Recovery Services (MDRS) engineering team not only manages all failover services, but also carries out regular testing, audits, and runbook development to ensure reliability and accuracy. Powered by CenturyLink SafeHaven, with support for Active Directory DR Replication, our MDRS solution ensures the protection of your critical applications from unexpected unavailability.

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