Businesses know digital transformation is an important factor in their success, but most still have much work to be done. Only 10% of companies describe themselves as fully digital, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit[^1].

[^1]: The Economist Intelligence Unit Digital Evolution Report, 2016

While a new breed of IT services is required to propel business into this digital age, that doesn't mean the IT organization will need a huge budget increase to obtain the IT systems critical to this transformation. There are ways to reduce costs for existing activities and processes so IT organizations can free up funds for systems to support digital transformation. For example, CenturyLink and VMware have collaborated to deliver the Dedicated Cloud Compute Foundation (DCCF) service. This hosted private cloud solution delivers next generation data center technology in a turnkey model, providing businesses the means to leverage cloud services for digital transformation.

Public cloud services were innovative and cost-attractive when they launched more than 10 years ago. Now, most organizations understand there are limitations to this model, and that transformation requires changing from legacy data center concepts to a software-defined data center (SDDC).

Businesses now demand that cloud services enable faster and more efficient transformation of IT infrastructure. For many IT organizations, this is an important change from merely leveraging the economics of the cloud.

This operational change is central to the design of the DCCF offering. The strategy used to develop DCCF is focused on delivering a better cloud service that meets the new requirements of knowledgeable cloud users. Utilizing customer input, new technology capabilities and a fresh approach to pricing, DCCF is well positioned for today's requirements and for the rapidly evolving expectations and demands of the future.

Key benefits of this new thinking include:

  • Improved security and compliance

  • Pricing aligned with how organizations really use their cloud services

  • Improved efficiency

  • Local access across the globe

  • Greater configuration flexibility

  • A more holistic view of next generation infrastructure

Digital transformation is more than just a business goal. The ability to use technology to transform the organization will directly determine if a business succeeds in the future. To learn more, read From Here to There: A Proven Path to Digital Transformation, a new CenturyLink whitepaper.