Cloud Complexity

CenturyLink Cloud has an impressive track record over the past few years of delivering new features and functionality to its platform. To wit: Frost & Sullivan recently recognized CenturyLink as its Company of the Year for the North American Cloud Industry. The report details how CenturyLink is meeting the needs of the next generation of technical and line-of-business cloud users. CenturyLink Award

One aspect of CenturyLink Cloud’s approach worth highlighting is the simplicity of deploying add-on tech to complete a complex, hybrid cloud solution.

CenturyLink Ecosystem

CenturyLink introduced its Partner Ecosystem in early 2015. Since then, partners have introduced over 200 solutions that solve specific business needs.

What’s more, these solutions can be deployed instantly by using CenturyLink’s built-in orchestration framework called Blueprints. Blueprints are pre-packaged workflows that can be defined and re-played at any time on the platform. Custom configuration settings are entered in minutes during deployment. Blueprint Framework

How can this Ecosystem work for you? Let’s start with Disaster Recovery (DR), a common workload for enterprises just beginning their cloud journey. Public cloud is great for DR for three key reasons:

  • No CapEx: No new capital outlays are required in the form of new hardware or a build-out of a secondary data center.
  • Easy to Get Started: Point-and-click to configure DR policies that can spin-up public cloud servers in minutes.
  • Low Cost: Recovery site VMs in the public cloud can be used for a minimum of time; so ongoing OpEx is directly under your control.

The low barrier to entry is good news. Why? A recent survey showed that just 23% of Business IT Professionals are extremely confident they could get the business up and running again in a reasonable time frame after a major disaster.

Partner Solutions #FTW

Solving real-world business problems is what it's all about. Here are just a few of the solutions in the CenturyLink’s Ecosystem worth taking a look at:

  • Vision Solution’s Double-Take® provides CenturyLink customers high availability (1:1 replication into and amongst cloud platforms), disaster recovery (many:1 replication), and migration services to the public cloud with a simple Blueprint that’s hypervisor and OS agnostic.

    To get started with Double-Take, contact Vision Solutions directly by email; evaluation licenses are available.

  • Data backup, encryption, full VM lifecycle management, and DR is made point-and-click simple with CommVault’s Simpana data management offering. Customers can selectively deploy elements of CommVault as their needs grow and change over time. Many enterprises already use CommVault on-premises, so the tooling provides a familiar interface while offering the flexibility of a cloud deployment model.

    To get started with CommVault, a 30-day free evaluation license is available. Please contact your CenturyLink account team or CommVault for additional information.

  • SoftNAS, an enterprise-grade, full-featured cloud NAS filer and cloud storage gateway, can be deployed as a virtual appliance within CenturyLink Cloud for cloud-native and on-premise-to-cloud scenarios. Their SnapReplicate technology provides a powerful way to quickly and automatically configure a replication and disaster recovery solution in just minutes!

  • A simple and cost effective server backup product from CloudBerry Backup can provide OS-native, simple, secure, and reliable backup solutions for an enterprise. CloudBerry Backup automates encrypted and compressed data backups to the cloud. It comes with a user-friendly interface allowing data backup or restoration in a few simple steps.

Answers in enterprise IT are rarely easy. Legacy systems, cloud services, security, compliance, and budgetary constraints are just some of the factors to balance. Easing the path to deploy these solutions is where an Ecosystem becomes invaluable.

You can find these and other solutions by visiting the Ecosystem page. You can also learn more about our simplified partner solution through the Control Portal in the Blueprint Library.

Next Steps

Check out this article for more information on Taking Control of Backups and Disaster Recovery.

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