Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how their technology on the CenturyLink Marketplace provides customers with low-friction solutions to solve complex business challenges. This edition’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Robert Black, Director of Marketing for Panopta.

Organizations of all sizes, across the globe, are all in some stage of a digital transformation. A huge part of this journey is finding the right cloud technologies for reducing operational expenses, increasing security, visibility, and maximizing employee productivity. Even the most reliable cloud infrastructures are subject to downtime and performance degradation, which have a tremendous impact on the quality of the end-user experience. A comprehensive monitoring solution is paramount to ensure that the server, application and network infrastructure is operating optimally. A robust infrastructure monitoring solution not only saves time and resources, but also reduces data center overhead and ensures service availability.

Panopta: Powerful Monitoring Solutions

Panopta is excited to join the CenturyLink Marketplace as an Ecosystem Partner to provide CenturyLink customers with advanced infrastructure monitoring available as a SaaS offering through direct provisioning on existing CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure. Regardless of how much infrastructure you need to monitor, Panopta works seamlessly with your team to unlock the power of a SaaS solution while maintaining complete visibility and security.

Single Pane of Glass

Effective and comprehensive monitoring requires bringing infrastructure visibility to all dimensions of your service. Public and private. In the cloud and on-premise. Availability and performance. Servers, applications and network. Gain a complete view across all these dimensions.

Monitor Behind the Firewall Securely

Get all the power of SaaS without sacrificing the security of your private network. Our server agents and virtual collectors communicate outbound only, so no inbound firewall ports needed. In addition, all data is encrypted in transit and at-rest.


As your infrastructure expands and contracts, there's no need to think about scaling your monitoring. Gone are the days of worrying about long term storage for your historical time series based metrics or compute horsepower for your growing infrastructure monitoring needs. Adding a new site? No problem, we’ll pivot with you.

Accuracy and Specialized Alerts

Is your team suffering from alert fatigue? It’s a chronic issue caused by false positives, lack of aggregation/correlation and not having finely tuned alerting for incidents of varying severities. Built into Panopta is an industry best solution for more specialized alarming so your team respects your monitoring platform.

Subscription Based Pricing

If you’re still paying heavy CapEx based costs and getting locked into multi-year contracts, you’re cutting yourself short. Panopta charges based on a monthly “per node” model which scales with you. We must earn your business every day. That includes support, weekly platform updates and unlimited analytics/monitoring.

panopta reference architecture

Elevate Your Monitoring with Panopta Today

If you’re ready to elevate the infrastructure monitoring of your cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments leveraging Panopta’s comprehensive and affordable solution, you are just a click away.

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