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The cloud should create choices, not limit them. The business needs of your company should not be restricted by the feature sets offered through one competitor versus another. We live in an on-demand, location-diverse, fully-connected world. All digital initiatives require a platform which can adapt and respond to varying business demands.

CenturyLink brings a true hybrid computing model to our customers, built on years of experience operating datacenters, applications, and networks. One key enabler of these benefits is the CenturyLink® Enterprise Cloud Platform, which has helped our IT services evolve into an anytime, anywhere set of offerings. Our focus on automating the “Hybrid IT Stack” - managed workloads, datacenter infrastructure, and network connectivity – enables our customers to focus on total solutions that add transformative benefits over time.


Here is how David Shacochis, VP of Product Management for Hybrid IT Services describes our Hybrid IT delivery platform: Our focus is on helping customers transform their IT operations through a cohesive set of services that span cloud, network, and management. We’ve seen how this can overcome obstacles to digital transformation that the pure-play platforms cannot erase on their own. Click here for the full article. As a single-source provider, CenturyLink can help you transform your IT infrastructure in a very short amount of time. Here are some examples of exactly how CenturyLink Cloud can lead the way.

Datacenter Infrastructure

For customers with hosted deployments they entrust to CenturyLink, the public cloud is a logical extension of their existing data center outsourcing strategy. Migrate your applications to the CenturyLink Cloud and gain the capability to scale the cloud infrastructure that runs your apps on-demand. CenturyLink makes cloud migration easier than ever.

Making that first step can be daunting. That’s why we have teams of experts on hand to make your digital transformation journey far less complicated. They are ready to work with you to ensure that transition to the Cloud is seamless and simple. Explore our Enterprise-Grade Platform; start with a trial account and familiarize yourself with the Control Portal interface. We can show you how to make migration to the cloud easy. Our cloud servers offer scale and flexibility, along with the unparalleled security, performance, and management that your business requires.

Network Connectivity

As data consumption continues to grow, so does the strain on outdated network systems that power the enterprise office. Many of the networks were designed for an outdated architecture in which nearly all applications and resources were consumed inside the company firewall. However, the rules of engagement are different in the modern cloud environment; with nearly everything interacting with some type of resource available on the public Internet.

Our agile delivery platform has led to some exciting innovations in the metro-datacenter interconnect space with the release of CenturyLink® Network Exchange (NetX). NetX is designed and built to provide a secure, high speed, redundant, private network to connect your CenturyLink Cloud environment to other environments, including traditional managed hosting and colocation scenarios. NetX is ideal for hybrid environment and applications, as well as storage and backups.

What’s the benefit for your organization? You can expand your public cloud footprint, shift costs from CapEx to OpEx, and integrate a state-of-the-art corporate hybrid network that allows IT departments to easily adopt and manage your hybrid environment from a web browser. Furthermore, this software-defined business model with single point-of-access can be extended into Managed Services.

Managed Workloads

Save time, increase productivity, and reduce expenses. That’s the benefit of managed services in the cloud. Use our proven, in-house team of experts to run and manage your enterprise cloud applications. CenturyLink has a complete hosting and managed services solutions portfolio. A consolidated portfolio means you can significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with bundling multiple services from different providers.

With our Managed Hosting and supplementary managed IT services, you can outsource the management of your entire IT infrastructure and have the confidence that these critical components are in the hands of a trusted provider. Outsourcing enables your developers and IT staff to focus on core competencies without the distraction of maintaining their internal IT environments. CenturyLink provides a cloud-friendly solution with capabilities that are self-service, on-demand, and billed hourly.

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CenturyLink is the complete solution. We’re a single-source provider with decades of expertise across cloud infrastructure, scalable networks, and managed solutions. We have a matured portfolio with ever-expanding capabilities added to the portfolio – all accessible via an intuitive Control Portal or RESTful API calls. Moreover, our managed services are available on any server, virtually anywhere.

Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Cloud is reliable, secure, robust, and global.

Migrate to the CenturyLink platform with free on-boarding assistance and receive a matching spend credit based on your commitment for your initial period of platform use with us.

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