Today at Dell World, Dell announced that CenturyLink has joined the Dell Cloud Partner Program.

So what does this news mean for Dell customers?  Simple: you now have easy access to a high performance, highly resilient public cloud, with extensive self-service capabilities.  And you will be supported by Dell and the CenturyLink Cloud team every step of the way.


Here are five key benefits you can take advantage of immediately on this platform:

  1. Deploy on virtual servers with resiliency and redundancy.  When it comes to public cloud, you hear the phrase ‘build for failure.’  That’s a critical design pattern for cloud-native applications.  But many of the apps running in your data center today – including many that are candidates to move to the public cloud – are designed with reliable infrastructure in mind.  Dell Cloud On Demand with CenturyLink offers built-in resiliency and redundancy, so many of your legacy apps – homegrown, from boutique ISVs, or Microsoft – will run smoothly ‘out of the box’ on CenturyLink Cloud.
  2. Simplify DR and backups.  These tedious activities should be immediately automated.  Savvy IT departments – and those that will thrive in the future as a strategic enabler of the business – are already on this path.  Block storage from CenturyLink Cloud automatically replicates data with rolling snapshots every five days.  A premium option is available with 14 days of back-ups at a secondary data center.  Premium storage also includes an RTO of eight hours and an RTP of 24 hours for your data.  So, you have automatic DR for all your apps in the cloud – no extra effort required.
  3. Automate server maintenance.  Just like with DR, IT pros should be looking to automate anywhere and everywhere.  Dell Cloud On Demand with CenturyLink makes this easy.  With our Groups capability, users can manage VMs in bulk – and with just a few clicks apply power commands at scheduled times to hundreds of servers, configure maintenance windows, and manage temporary snapshots.  Best of all, this capability is included, at no additional fee.
  4. Easy and painless “chargebacks.”  Business users require access to cloud resources on-demand via self-service.  Give them what they want, while facilitating easy “chargebacks” so they pay for the resources consumed each month.  CenturyLink Cloud provides intuitive, granular billing organized by department, product line, geography, or any combination of hierarchy.
  5. Agility (for users) and control (for you).  This is nirvana for an IT leader.  Users are free to provision resources as they need them, while IT ensures corporate IT policies are met with a compliant, secure environment.  Dell Cloud On Demand with CenturyLink delivers on both fronts.  Simply point and click to create permissions for users.  Then, establish resource thresholds that ensure capacity levels are never exceeded.

Enterprises are already using many public clouds for different workloads.  Multi-cloud is the present and future state for enterprises.  Hopefully these benefits help illustrate how the Dell Cloud On Demand with CenturyLink can fit into your cloud approach.

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