FlexSecure LogoPeriodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Sid Prasanna, CEO of FlexSecure Inc.(www.flexsecure.co).

As cyber attacks and data breaches continue to make headlines, Security-as-a-Service offerings are becoming more valuable by the day. In the IT world, there is now a fundamental understanding that any business with an on-line presence needs to think about data security for both their business and their customers. FlexSecure has joined with the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace to make the process of providing robust, solid, and capable authentication easy and painless for any customer, regardless of their technical abilities.

Solution Overview

The FlexSecure platform enables organizations of all sizes to choose and combine user authentication solutions based on the individual needs of their company. Companies and developers can add pin and passwordless security to their existing authentication mechanisms. Users can also change authentication methods in near real-time through an easy-to-use interface.

FlexSecure Diagram

Layered Security

Some of FlexSecure's primary advantages are:

Custom user and device authentication: The authentication standards can be "turned up or down" to suit the needs of the users. For example, data with identifying information such as social security numbers, passwords, etc. may need more safeguards than simple statistical data. Customers can add or detract from the number or complexity of authentication methods based on their individual needs.

Contextual awareness: FlexSecure works by using different contexts within the authentication system. Once a user-group is given an encryption condition such as pin-based authentication, the rest of the user-group is automatically given that same condition as part of their authentication process. Some of the context options are passwordless login and pin-based authentication.

Fast, Easy Deployment Options

API-based platform: FlexSecure is an API-based platform, meaning the platform is easy-to-integrate into existing systems and authentication structures. The platform is also easily accessible and deployable within the CTL Marketplace platform.

Beyond password authentication: Features such as passwordless login make it easy to authenticate users once and then provide fast and easy access at any point.

Geographical awareness: FlexSecure is designed to scale across geography and company size. An API-based model allows authenticated users easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection, and authentication user-groups allow any number of users to be assigned, whether that's 5 or 5,000+ people.

Scalable delivery: As a subscription-based service, FlexSecure can grow and scale with the needs of a business -- as an organization evolves, the amount, intensity, and context of security can evolve with it.

FlexSecure User Interface

Getting Started

Free Trial offer for CenturyLink customers: 100 Free API Calls

FlexSecure has provided CenturyLink customers a 25% discount on services. To take advantage of this offer, please confirm that you are a CenturyLink customer and send an email to admin@flexsecure.co

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Have Questions?

For support-related questions, send an email to the Sales & Support team.

Looking for a more in-depth guide to your FlexSecure deployment? Check out this CenturyLink Cloud Knowledge Base article for more details.