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Power Up for Game On! Today's gamer has come to expect fast development turn-around for high definition, no-latency, multi-player games with the speed that is available globally. In short, they want a seamless, dynamic gaming experience. To deliver on these expectations, many game developers and publishers look for hosted infrastructure that is high-powered and built on speed, performance, scalability, and high availability to provide games to their customers. Anything less than that is insufficient. A platform that is sluggish or delivers interrupted performance means "game over". And that impacts the game publisher's bottom line. CenturyLink addresses that challenge.

You can build a scalable server architecture for your gaming engine that leverages all the advantages available to you on the CenturyLink Platform while voiding the capital expenses associated with managing an in-house data center. Our high-performing CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure allows you to focus on the things you do best — creating unbelievable games and bringing them to market. Bare Metal servers on our platform give you the ability to deliver an awesome gaming experience seamlessly, with more computing power available to you than you usually find in a virtualized environment.

Advantages of Gaming on Bare Metal

The CenturyLink Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provides an additional abstraction layer on top of infrastructure that gives you all the compute and block storage you need for metadata and logging information. Some advantages of the intuitive platform is that it is easy to use and provides instant provisioning. Below are a few more benefits of running gaming applications on Bare Metal:

  • Instant Provisioning - In traditional data center or colocation environments, the provisioning timeline is measured in days or weeks. CenturyLink Bare Metal servers are available in an hour or less. You can spin-up an entire cluster in no time at all. We offer affordable, right-sized infrastructure you can provision instantly via our intuitive Control Portal or REST API calls.

  • Scalability - Easily scale infrastructure up or down to meet demand. When you strike gold on a game, the requirement for system resources becomes imperative. The trick is scaling capacity instantly, while paying only for the resources you actually need. With Bare Metal you can provision resources to meet demand very quickly and easily through our intuitive Control Portal or via REST API calls.

  • Low Latency - Ultra-low latency connectivity is key for game publishers because of the potential for negative impact to customers’ gaming experience. Physical servers do not have the overhead that is common to virtual machines. We offer the right technologies to maintain the user experience - dedicated Bare Metal servers with high performance I/O disks.

  • Performance - You get single-tenant, dedicated servers. Compute and storage are isolated to ensure a high level of performance for compute-intensive workloads or “batch” jobs that need bursts of compute power for a short time. Increase live transactional speeds for direct in-game customer advertising compared to virtual machines.

  • Speed - CenturyLink offers multiple configurations designed to allow the Bare Metal servers to support more intensive workloads. That means more cores, more memory, more SSDs, and more local storage with configurable RAID control options.

  • Cost Savings - Save on time, effort, and money required to maintain infrastructure. Focus revenue on game development, rather than on headcount to manage infrastructure. Leverage our pay-as-you-go model and pay only for the services you use. The result is an affordable, right-sized infrastructure.

Getting Started

Bare Metal servers on the CenturyLink Cloud bring you the full performance and processing power you expect from dedicated servers, combined with all the flexibility of cloud. Get increased IOPS with SSD storage, 10Gbps Network Interfaces, a seamless gaming experience for your customer, and pay only for the infrastructure you need.

Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Cloud is reliable, secure, robust, and global. Get started with Bare Metal on CenturyLink Cloud and receive a $500 credit toward qualifying CenturyLink Cloud products or services.

Looking to migrate your cloud? Migrate to the CenturyLink Platform with free on-boarding assistance and receive a matching spend credit based on your commitment for your initial period of platform use with us.

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