At CenturyLink Cloud, we’ve been big supporters of Cloud Foundry—the VMware-led, open-source PaaS framework—from the beginning. That said, we’re a .NET shop and many of our customers’ most critical applications are .NET-based. So today we’ve decided to contribute Iron Foundry, our own .NET fork of Cloud Foundry, back to the community as an open-source project.

This project includes both the primary framework as well as both a Windows version of Cloud Foundry Explorer and a Visual Studio Plugin for Cloud Foundry. (Video demos for the command line interface and Visual Studio plugin are located at the bottom of this post.) Because developers can run their own instances of Iron Foundry in-house or with any service provider who supports it, developers finally have a truly open, interoperable .NET PaaS solution that can be run inside and outside the firewall. And because you can run your own instances of Iron Foundry, it’s easy to have a full test, QA, and staging environment before pushing to production.

In addition, operations teams now have the freedom to choose among various service providers that meet their needs in areas such as security, compliance, availability, location, etc. For developers who are interested in trying Iron Foundry, we have put together a “try it now” test bed package on that offers the compute resources needed to run one web and one database instance per developer free for 90 days on CenturyLink Cloud’s Enterprise Cloud Platform. Iron Foundry is Cloud Foundry + .Net. This means developers have access to standard tools—enabling them to write .Net code against a MySQL backend, for example, or just write against a simple name-value pair datastore like Redis. Another advantage that Iron Foundry inherits is the ability to add instances to an application on the fly with the app being pushed automatically each new node. The core source code will be available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license. You can also download and install Iron Foundry with Cloud Foundry from our web site at Read the full press release here.

Iron Foundry Video Demo