We are excited to present a special evening with Jeff Sussna to discuss "Putting the Service in Micro-Services". The event will be hosted at our new Development Center in St. Louis on Wednesday, April 13th from 4pm to 7pm.

Jeff Sussna is an internationally recognized IT consultant and design thinking practitioner. He is known throughout the DevOps community for introducing DevOps to the importance of empathy. Jeff has nearly 30 years of experience in software development, QA, and operations, and has led projects for Fortune 500 enterprises, major technology companies, software service startups, and media conglomerates. He is the the author of Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT In the Digital Service Economy, and is a highly respected teacher, writer, and speaker on topics across the Agile/DevOps/Design Thinking spectrum.

At this event Jeff will cover:

• How to structure organizations to reflect the kind of systems they want to create • How to use continual redesign to have organizational flexibility for effective design • How to design and operate systems and organizations as continuous and inseparable

Jeff will explore the relationship between organizations and systems. He will delve into Conway’s Law. Melvin Conway made the observation that we are doomed to design systems that mirror the shapes of our organizations. Forward-thinking software companies use Conway’s Law to their advantage by matching microservice architectures with so-called “2-pizza” micro-teams.

This talk will explore the relationship between organizations and systems. It will delve more deeply into Conway’s original article, and introduce ‘Conway’s Corollary’. By connecting Conway’s work to ideas from service design and Promise Theory, it will present an approach that treats the design and operations of systems and organizations as continuous and inseparable. Conway stressed the importance of organizational flexibility to effective design. He also observed that designing a system is just the beginning. The system itself also needs continual redesign. And so the question is how can we achieve this flexibility without descending into re-org madness?

DevOps: The Big Picture

We are excited to host this event as these topics and ideals align with ours design philosophy here at CeturyLink Cloud®.

Last year we paired with Cloud Foundry to host a CloudWalk event which covered some of the primary ways that companies are addressing the challenge of delivering a modern application DevOps environment through empowering teams to focus on incorporating customer feedback. The event covered using micro-services, containerization, open-sourcing, continuous delivery, DevOps, and cloud-native development.

We have been paving a path to DevOps for several years at CenturyLink. It is a step-by-step process that looks different from company to company. Our journey and our lessons along the way were cataloged as we made the shift. We based the decision to organize in a DevOps fashion in order to emphasize the key values on which our teams are built. We acknowledge that organizational culture matters. We operate with an expectation of high trust in cross-functional collaboration and through open communication to create a shared consciousness regarding our vision. This approach creates a strong feeling of empowerment and enablement across the team. We constantly strive to improve what we do by learning from failures and by embracing new ideas.

We also built work environments that encourage a culture driven by innovation. As we like to say – it’s your platform in motion! In October 2014 we opened our Seattle Cloud Development Center. In March 2015 we built the Monroe Technology Center of Excellence. And, our latest Development Center in St. Louis opened to the public on March 3, 2016.

How to Register for the Jeff Sussna Event

Seating for this event is limited. Visit our CenturyLink St. Louis User Group page to reserve your spot today.

Bonus! Anyone who registers will receive a free CenturyLink Cloud account with a $3,000 credit and the opportunity to win several cool raffle prizes. Enjoy food and drinks while we show you how simple “Cloud” can be.

If you have questions, you can contact the event organizer via email.

We look forward to seeing you at the new CenturyLink Development Center for this exciting event!