CenturyLink is excited to announce the launch of our newest European public cloud node: DE3. This announcement increases our global footprint to 16 locations, including four in Europe and two in Germany.

DE3, which is physically located in Frankfurt, Germany, is an example of how CenturyLink Cloud is increasing its worldwide infrastructure presence. CenturyLink global customers now have more options when planning their IT strategy, including the ability to optimize the distance between their cloud workloads and end users.

Customers hosting workloads in our existing German site (DE1) now have the ability to strengthen their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategies in DE3, while adhering to German data sovereignty policies.

A core focus at CenturyLink is to help our customers through their digital transformation. Visit our location page to see how our services can help plan your business around the world.


CenturyLink Cloud enables customers with an easy-to-use interface, compelling value-for-performance and integrated managed services. This provides our customers with the business agility they want from a cloud provider, while delivering the security and scalability they need to host mission-critical enterprise applications.

While not available at launch, our Bare Metal Servers and next generation Object Storage products will also be offered in our DE3 location later this summer. Our Bare Metal servers are ideal for compute intensive workloads that need a high level of performance, and our Object Storage offers an S3 compatible, highly-scalable distributed data store that is far more efficient than hierarchical file systems.

Additionally, CenturyLink customers can enable their developers to focus on code instead of infrastructure with our Cloud Application Manager, Runner infrastructure automation tools, or our Platform-as-a-Service offering. Reduce your enterprise IT costs with our scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, while protecting your business with a financially backed 99.99% uptime SLA.

Want to learn more about our complete enterprise cloud platform? Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Platform is reliable, secure, robust, and global.

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