Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem. This editions guest author is Nathan A. Treska, Director Global Strategic Alliances, at Dynatrace.

Building Strategic Alliances

2017 marks the 9th year of partnership between CenturyLink and Dynatrace. It’s been an amazing journey together, but what’s next you may ask? Good question… both companies continue to evolve and innovate, because if we don’t, customers and the competitive landscape will evolve around us before we know it! The mission of our alliance is to help our customer’s applications perform to their maximum business objective, via the execution venue that fits each customers respective business demands. Ensuring application performance for new initiatives is one of the most critical steps for any digital transformation.

As the complexity of applications and platforms continues to grow and cloud adoption continues to expand, IT teams are rethinking how they monitor and manage their distributed, web scale applications and dynamic infrastructures. Application performance drives customer experiences, employee productivity and revenue – making a comprehensive application monitoring and management strategy increasingly critical for every organization.

Digital transformations accomplish the most dramatic change in status for businesses. With digital technology driving the business, you can move faster, serve customers in new ways, and create new opportunities for growth and innovation. We have moved well beyond automating tasks when considering what digital infrastructure can accomplish. Today, we are innovating entirely new business models.

Innovating New Business Models - Together

CenturyLink and Dynatrace address the entire application ecosystem and supporting infrastructure to deliver comprehensive Application Performance Management Solutions that help the largest global organizations tune their applications, maximize infrastructure resources, optimize costs, and increase operational efficiency.

CenturyLink Managed Services deliver a comprehensive set of expertise for managing applications across hybrid environments – including on-premises, collocated and in CenturyLink and other leading private/public clouds – including:

Cloud Application Benchmarking: All applications are unique, and no cloud is the same. CenturyLink Cloud Application Benchmarking assessment compares application performance and cost across various cloud providers, so you can confidently select the best cloud for your applications and workloads.

Cloud Migration Services: We’ll take on the heavy lifting of migrating your app to the cloud, and recommend approaches for modernizing your app for the cloud, with minimal user disruption.

Deployment and Management: Our operations engineers will help you configure the test scripts, dashboards, and notifications to meet your SLAs.

Application Management Services: Global 24/7 application support services including End User Experience Monitoring, Incident and Escalation Management, Patch and Change Management, and Release Management services.

Digital Customer Experience & Data Analytics Consulting: Utilizing data-driven methodologies, we evaluate and identify opportunities for improving your customer’s digital experience, increasing revenue and growing your user base.

On a lighter note, I am very pleased to share that Dynatrace was honored to receive CenturyLink’s 2016 Software Alliance Partner of the Year Award! As trusted partners, and clients, we appreciate the ongoing support and investment in “Leveling Up” our alliance and we look forward to providing our joint customers an even more valuable Digital Experience in 2017 and beyond!


Lastly, I wanted to send a special thanks to Gahn Lane, VP, Software Industry at CenturyLink for presenting at our annual show, Dynatrace Perform 2017. I encourage you to watch the video.

For more information on our joint solutions, I encourage you to reach out to the CenturyLink Alliance Team focused on Dynatrace.