Easy and worry-free disaster recovery

Downtime is money, and peace of mind is worth its weight in gold when it comes to knowing that your company has a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place.

At CenturyLink®, we go beyond making sure disaster recovery plans are regularly audited and tested. We can manage your DR solution end-to-end with a team of experts ready to protect your entire infrastructure. In this age of virtualized servers across a distributed IT environment, disaster recovery is more than just a necessity; it's an imperative. The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that:

  • 73% of companies are not sufficiently prepared to recover from a prolonged outage.
  • 78% have experienced outages of critical applications
  • 63% say their losses ranged from a few thousand dollars to over $5M
  • 64% say that their organization’s disaster recovery (DR) budget is inadequate and underfunded
  • 28% say their organization lost data center functionality for up to weeks at a time

DR Readiness

Those are ominous numbers. The question is not whether an outage, equipment failure, or disaster will occur, but when that will happen and how well prepared your company will be to face the scenario and recover.

Don't let your company become a statistic. Your organization can easily mitigate the likelihood of downtime, save money, and strengthen you DR preparedness by outsourcing DR responsibilities as part of your company’s overall IT strategy.

CenturyLink® Managed Disaster Recovery Services (MDRS) solutions help you reduce potential downtime – from days to minutes and seconds.

The Value of a DR Solution

With CenturyLink MDRS, you can offload maintenance and management responsibilities associated with DR and focus on core business functions. A DR Manager assigned to your account serves as the main point of contact for both CenturyLink and you for all items related to the disaster recovery environment, thus removing that burden from your business.

Many businesses don't have the ability to invest in designated resources to drive the aggregation and maintenance of recovery infrastructure and associated documentation. CenturyLink MDRS takes over these responsibilities with active updates, audits, testing, and maintenance of reference materials.

Managed Disaster Recovery Services

CenturyLink MDRS is the foundation of cost-effective resiliency, providing secure and reliable infrastructure with automated disaster recovery for business continuity. Our team of dedicated experts deliver services for all of your DR responsibilities, and our onboarding and deployment experience ensures your configuration aligns with your DR strategy.

MDRS Features

  • DR solution deployment
  • 24X7 monitoring and maintenance services
  • Quarterly audits
  • Semi-annual testing
  • At-time-of-disaster services
  • Runbook automation
  • VM-level recovery
  • Microsoft application validation and support
  • Post disaster services

Learn More about CenturyLink Managed Disaster Recovery Service

CenturyLink Managed Disaster Recovery Service(MDRS) is ideal for businesses of any size that do not have DR expertise or the staff to maintain a DR solution. MDRS takes over these responsibilities and delivers a solution tailored to your environment. Unlike other DRaaS solutions, CenturyLink MDRS carries out regular audits and testing. Our end-to-end ATOD failover service makes disaster recovery worry-free.

Want to learn more about our complete Hybrid IT Delivery Platform? Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Cloud Platform is reliable, secure, robust, and global.