NetApp recently posted a CenturyLink Cloud customer success story showcasing the impressive results we’ve been able to attain for our customers since implementing NetApp storage systems and associated software. Here are some of the notable benefits:

  • Helped provided enterprise-level backup and DR services at 10 times less cost than in-house infrastructures
  • Reclaimed 67% of storage in virtualized environment
  • Reduced backups of entire data center from 24 hours to one hour
  • Can now offer one-to eight-hour SLA for disaster recovery to every client

By managing our storage environment and optimizing storage utilization with NetApp, we’ve been able to save time and money – in turn passing those savings along to our customers. Our expanding relationship with NetApp will continue to be a valuable asset as we continue to grow our operations and expand our cloud storage infrastructure to more SMBs. Click here to read the entire success story.