The CenturyLink Cloud team has brought two new data centers online.  Customers can now deploy virtual resources in Santa Clara, CA (UC1) and Sterling, VA (VA1) sites.  This brings our total count of federated data centers to 11 - six in the US, two in Canada, two in the UK, and one in mainland Europe.  Expect more investment in this footprint in the months to come.

There is something special about these new sites, our first new locations since the acquisition.

When CenturyLink acquired Tier 3, it was a big investment for the parent company.

The message to the market was clear: Cloud is CenturyLink’s growth engine for the future.  We’re investing in a cloud-first platform that can solve enterprise IT jobs better than any other provider.

How do we solve them better?

By offering a superior breadth of managed services and infrastructure…with unmatched integration between products.

These new locations are a major milestone towards this vision.  Three reasons why:

  1. Location & scale.  These are the largest CenturyLink Cloud data centers to date.  CenturyLink’s customer base is massive, and our new stack reflects the pent-up demand for public cloud.  Global scale for the enterprise is in our DNA; this is simply the latest example of our expertise at work.
  2. Advanced connectivity for customers in deployed in these locations.  Customers can start integrating their deployments in Santa Clara and Sterling with CenturyLink Cloud services today, via direct connect and IPSEC VPNs in some cases.  How does this help customers?

  3. Performance.  Direct connects create ultra-low latency connections that bypass the public Internet.

  4. Security.  The other is security – the HAN connection provides access to a rich set of network security add-ons for our public cloud.* Cost. Bandwidth charges go down too, since the public Internet is not used in these scenarios.
  5. Convenience.  Customers can get all of this from a single provider.3. A complete set of public cloud services is available.  Our full product catalog is available in these locations,. Simply select “Santa Clara” or “Sterling” from the data center drop-down menu in the Control interface, and you’re up and running. 

There’s another reason to be excited as well – the integration of CenturyLink Cloud with the rest of the CenturyLink portfolio is happening as planned, and on-schedule.  Our cloud platform is a ‘first class citizen’ in the CenturyLink ecosystem.

The best part of all this, though?  We’re just getting started!