New Relic has made their technology available as a Blueprint on the CenturyLink Platform, resulting in a simple yet robust deployment and monitoring system that is available at the push of a few buttons. New Relic Standard is accessible through CenturyLink Cloud’s management control portal or its API, making it easy for organizations to monitor end-user experiences and PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET, and Python applications in real-time. Watch the introductory video to learn more about CenturyLink Cloud’s New Relic Blueprint:New Relic has done a tremendous job of taking the monitoring to a new level. Monitoring has always been a core offering of the CenturyLink Platform, but now that monitoring holistically looks at the application—the bread and butter of a solution—thanks to New Relic’s technology. You used to get network data, SNMP gathered CPU, Memory and IO data, as well as the database and its handling of queries. At that point you had to look at these disparate forms of data to infer what could be wrong with your app, finally trying multiple things to see if the pain points disappeared. New Relic turns this process on its head to provide the end user with very valuable data with all the dots already connected. Now throw in the simplicity of deploying a whole system (server/environment) from a template that allows for runtime parameters… Mangnifico! CenturyLink Cloud Blueprints are much more than a configuration management tool. Picture Blueprints as the foundry for environments: give it some raw materials—like an IP address, CPU and memory configurations, custom software packages—and out comes your custom environment all set to go. Effectively, Blueprints allow for a virtual mold that has been handcrafted by subject matter experts to be used in a runtime configurable fashion. Customers can access New Relic Standard immediately with every enterprise server deployment, upgrade to New Relic Professional via a simple upgrade feature in the CenturyLink Cloud portal, or select to deploy New Relic as a Blueprint for additional customization. See a New Relic Blueprint deployment in action on CenturyLink Platform: