We knew that Environment Engine, our recently-announced cloud environment deployment solution, would be a big hit with our customers. After all, by automating the design, discovery, configuration, and deployment of best practice-optimized “Blueprints,” Environment Engine makes it easier than ever to roll out environments and applications to the cloud. But it’s not just customers who are recognizing the benefits of Environment Engine: now the media is taking notice, too. Tier 1 Research reports “customers will like what the Environment Engine can do,” saying the toolset represents a “significant” step forward for CenturyLink Platform. A platform that, according to the research group, is built using “solid development practices” which allow developers to automate anything that can be done through the web interface via a robust API. Even technical users, however, will appreciate that the GUI is “friendly and clean, and almost has an Apple-like quality to its straightforward intuitiveness.” According to an article published by Read Write Web and picked up by the Wall Street Journal, Environment Engine “is uniquely aimed at enabling the creation and use of best practice templates… This saves costs and enables applications to be deployed faster, more consistently and with less possibility of human error.” Moreover, because of the full range of customization options—from host and network configurations to firewall and load balancing rules—“in short, you can replicate in the cloud your entire computing environment.” While there are other scripting solutions out there that automate at only the top or bottom of the stack, by integrating both environment and application deployment into a single automation toolset, “CenturyLink Cloud can make this much more sophisticated.” Want to learn more about the Environment Engine toolset? Download the datasheet, stop by Booth 213 at VMworld from 8/29 – 9/1 for a demo, or call an account representative at: 877.388.4373 x 824.