Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud® blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how they leverage our platform to enable customer success. This week’s guest author from the Cloud Marketplace Provider Program is Tom Coffing, President and CEO at Coffing Data Warehousing.

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Become a Cloud Rock Star

The best kept secret in cloud computing just might be the Nexus Chameleon software. It has been designed and developed for over a decade to integrate all databases as if they were one giant system. Coffing Data Warehousing is excited to be providing its amazing service on the Century Link Cloud platform.

One of the best complements we ever received was from a Vice President at the world’s largest bank who said, “Nexus is so powerful and easy-to-use that it puts the business user on the same playing field as the Data Scientist”.

The Challenges Solved by the Nexus Chameleon

The Nexus Chameleon has automated the most difficult challenges in today’s computing environment by doing things nobody else in the world is doing, but yet doing so with the click of the mouse.

Imagine that you have transactional legacy systems such as DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server and, on top of that, you also inherited data warehouse platforms such as Teradata, Aster Data, and Greenplum. You also have your Hadoop clusters and systems on multiple clouds that include Redshift and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

How in the world are you going to migrate and move data between systems? Just right-click on any database from any system and choose “Move Data”. Pick any system you want to move the data to and the Nexus Chameleon will convert the DDL and move the data using that vendor’s load utility. You just have to point-and-click and Nexus converts the table structures and data types. The data is moved instantly and automatically.

Need to query each system and the SQL with each vendor is different? The Nexus Chameleon will build the SQL for you. Just point-and-click on the tables you want to join and then check mark the columns you want on the report. Nexus builds the SQL automatically and the report comes back like magic.

What if you want to perform cross-system joins between tables and views across all your platforms? Nexus allows you to point-and-click on the tables and views you want to join from any of these platforms and then check mark the columns you want on the report. Nexus builds the SQL, then converts and moves the tables and views to one of the systems (called the Hub) and the report comes screaming back like magic!

The Nexus Chameleon Cross-System Joins

The Nexus Chameleon separates itself from other BI software products because of the breadth and depth of its development. Nexus shows tables and views to customers visually. In addition, Nexus shows the relationships between objects in a menu option that are "join eligible." Nexus then allows customers to point-and-click on the columns they want on their report, and Nexus automatically builds the SQL for the user.

Nexus combines these visual and automated capabilities with the ability to convert table structures and data types (DDLs) between different systems, and then provides automated data movement from one system to another. The combination of these features allow Nexus to perform cross-system joins between different platforms as easily and quickly as the time it would require for a data scientist to write a two-table join on a single system.

The Nexus Chameleon is the only software available today that performs cross-system joins! And Nexus keeps all of the complexity completely transparent to the user.

Come to the Cloud and Bring your Secret Weapon with You.

That weapon is Nexus. Nexus Chameleon will make you a living legend in your organization and a rock star on the cloud! Don’t be like the dinosaur and go the way of extinction because you didn’t see the evolution of computing. Take advantage of your legacy systems, cloud systems, and leverage a Hadoop strategy. Some of the leading companies on the cloud are placing up to 80% of their workloads on the cloud. The time for change has arrived and the Nexus Chameleon allows all your users to integrate, cross-system join, visualize, move, and convert data as if all the data was in a single system.

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started, but are not yet a CenturyLink Cloud customer, no problem.

  • Migrate to the CenturyLink Platform with free on-boarding assistance and receive a matching spend credit based on your commitment for your initial period of platform use with us.
  • Coffing Data Warehousing is providing CenturyLink users a free trial license as part of this Blueprint. Please contact us to secure your free fully-functional trial license of the Nexus Chameleon.
  • How-To Video - Nexus in 120 Seconds.
  • Getting Started with Coffing Data Warehousing Nexus Chameleon Blueprint on CenturyLink Cloud.