Periodically, we turn over control of the CenturyLink Cloud blog to members of our certified technology Ecosystem to share how their technology on the CenturyLink Marketplace provides customers with low-friction solutions to solve complex business challenges. This edition’s guest author from the CenturyLink Marketplace Provider Program is George Symons, COO, at Sureline Systems.

I would like to thank CenturyLink for the opportunity to leverage its blog to tell you about a new solution we have for data management of Office 365 e-mail on the CenturyLink Cloud. Sureline is known for our award winning SUREedge® enterprise-class software solutions for Cloud Migration and Cloud Disaster Recovery. SUREedge works with a wide variety of on-premises hypervisors and cloud systems and provides automated transformation of virtual servers to target environments. It reduces risk through encryption and provides efficient data transmission through deduplication and compression technologies. SUREedge technology allows CenturyLink customers to rapidly migrate any workload from physical or virtual systems into the CenturyLink Cloud, use the CenturyLink Cloud as a DR site, and now manage Office 365 Email data on CenturyLink Cloud. SUREedge and CenturyLink Cloud offer a flexible Office 365 e-mail data management solution for enterprises. The solution allows you to take true advantage of the Cloud by providing long-term protection of just the mailboxes that you want protected and the ability to restore individual messages, entire mailboxes, as well as restore them to another server for activities such as legal hold or compliance purposes.

How Does SUREedge O365 Work?

To use SUREedge for protecting your Office 365 Mailbox to the CenturyLink Cloud, you run SUREedge on CenturyLink Cloud. This acts as the receiver, storage and data retention manager in the Cloud. The on-Cloud instance is created using the CenturyLink SUREedge-O365 runner. In the SUREedge UI, simply add a list of mailboxes that need protection. You then define the policy on frequency of updates and your O365 mail is being protected.

Sureline o365 model

Use Cases for Office 365 Protection

With the help of SUREedge-O365 CenturyLink Cloud Users can:

• Protect entire Office 365 instance or a subset of mailboxes to CenturyLink Cloud • Replicate an entire or part of a mailbox to a different exchange server for analysis • Protect and archive data from select mailboxes for legal hold • Search emails of past employees for important business information • Recover lost e-mail that is beyond the O365 retention period

Getting Started with SUREedge

SUREedge has integrated their technology on the CenturyLink Marketplace. The CenturyLink Marketplace allows businesses to deploy solutions in a fast and low-friction model. Protect your Office 365 Mailboxes today with SUREedge O365 technology.

If you are a current CenturyLink Cloud customer and you are ready to get started with SUREedge O365, visit the SUREedge O365 product page.

If you are ready to get started but are not yet a CenturyLink Cloud customer, no problem. Sign-up for a free trial today. Designed for your business needs today and tomorrow, the CenturyLink Cloud is reliable, secure, robust, and global.

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