We value participating in the Open Source community at CenturyLink. Just in the past year we have made sizeable contributions to the community with tools such as Panamax, Lorry, Image Layers, Chef integration with VMware, Iron Foundry, Cloud Foundry, xUnit.net, Chocolatey, and ElasticLinq. We just recently announced even more contributions.

Today is a special day as we get to talk about how we are transforming internally to streamline the process for enabling the usage of open source and contributions.

Where we started was what would be called a very traditional enterprise policy that limited contributions but also made it very complex and cumbersome if you wanted to use open source or contribute. This could take weeks of approvals and in some cases just didn’t make sense for our engineers to pursue.

We have made major changes to our policy focusing on how not only can we embrace open source technology but also give back. Here are the highlights of our open source policy at CenturyLink now:

  • Any engineer can contribute to a project as long as they follow the project’s guidelines. If they want to do this during working hours they just need their manager’s permission.

  • While building products and services, it is acceptable and encouraged to use open source technology where it makes sense, abiding by common rules such as acceptable licensing formats that are approved.

  • Before major contributions or new open source projects are released we ask that you follow standard practices and also receive guidance and approvals from the oss team which you can email at opensource@centurylink.com.

  • For any questions on open source at CenturyLink engineers or anyone outside CenturyLink can email opensource@centurylink.com.

  • Open Source projects that are provided by CenturyLink will be listed in our developer center.

Pretty simple and, yet, oh so powerful. CenturyLink is transforming into an amazing set of services from programmable network services to cloud. If you want to learn more about our Open Source projects today, see our Developer Center. Want to come and work at a place that is transforming telecommunications and cloud, check out the careers section.