Saturday, March 14, 2015 was one of the most epic version of “Pi Day” that most of us will see during our lifetimes. As everyone knows, when stretched to 31 decimal places pi is represented in decimal notation as 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 (whew!). When truncated, 3.14.15 gives us a few additional significant digits — enough to make any math enthusiast completely irrational!

To celebrate, CenturyLink Cloud organized an afternoon for young people in our technology community — helping them learn to “hack” on miniature Raspberry Pi units and learning software development practices with Seattle CoderDojo. The event was an idea that CenturyLink Cloud’s CTO, Jared Wray had been considering for over a year. Jared has 3 boys, and they have built projects using the Raspberry Pi units at home. Once the CenturyLink Cloud Development Center opened in Bellevue, WA, the event had a home.

"These days, I often find myself looking back to my childhood and using a computer for the first time. I remember placing my hands on that keyboard and thinking of all the things that I could do and create — like wielding a magical sword. Coding is more than just telling computers what to do for kids, it is showing their hearts and minds that they can do anything.”

The event sold out online within 2 minutes of posting, and CenturyLink hosted 60 young developers ages 8 through 14. At the end of the event, the hungry engineers all shared pie from A La Mode Pies in Seattle. Volunteers and parents were able to participate in the fun, and each child was presented with their very own Raspberry Pi to continue building projects at home.

Pies on pie day

Greg Bulmash, organizer of Seattle CoderDojo shared "CenturyLink Cloud was an amazing partner for this event. We don't often get to hack hardware, so this was neat on many levels and a new experience for a lot of the kids. We also loved how involved the CenturyLink volunteers got and how they and the kids had such fun geeking out together. We're really looking forward to the next one."

Gregorian/mathematical coincidences notwithstanding, Seattle CoderDojo and CenturyLink Cloud are excited to host another Raspberry Pi event this Fall.

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